Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Reason

Change. Confusion. Fear. Friends. Old. New. Fear. Doubt. Sadness. Emptiness. Lie. Love. Expectation. Disappointment. Heart-break. Pity. Regret. Memories. Laughter. Indifference. Good? Bad? Prayer. Passion. Smile. Tears. Wonder. Hide.


Well, its a new blog folks.



Mustbenuts said...

Welcome to the world!

First Rain said...

Ohk now that I am sure this is the correct blog I can officially say "Hi" ;)

Anonymous said...

I could have hugged you if I were there. I mean it.

Sonia said...

to mustbenuts: Thanx! :o)

to FR: Hi! Glad you found me! ;o)

to anonymous: Thank you! I really need one!

Anonymous said...

was surfing thru my friend's blog n finally landed up in urs...
nice blog.short n precise I shud say :-)