Thursday, June 23, 2005

Say Ahh!

I hate dentists!

They bring out the coward in me.

I had a good dentist in Dubai. He was nice and funny, with good in-the-mouth manners and everything. But he wouldn't let me close my eyes! He would make me keep them open when he was working on my mouth cos apparantly he wanted to know if I fainted since I was on local anesthesia and that happened sometimes!(the fainting). And I would stare at his eyes, actually at his specs, where I could see the reflection of the bloodied mouth (mine!) he was working on. God!
And he liked his jokes, that one! He would notice what I was doing and the white knuckles and act like he was frustrated with me being so scared and yell " Nurse! I've had it! I'm leaving!" with four weird thingys still stuck in my nouth. I wud groan my sorry, and he wud laugh and say, " I'm done! i'm just kidding! " Him and his kidding!

But that was just the beginning unfortunately! When I was in India my prosthodontist and orthodontist decided I had to wear braces , so they made me pay them 12000 bucks and forced me to visit every 2 weeks so that they could rip my mouth open and then stitch it back together again. Sadists!

At the end of most sessions, he would stuff my mouth with cotton and tell me not to take it off for at least a half hour. And cos I was on my own , I would have the hardest time trying to make the auto driver understand where I wanted to go with my mouth all outta shape. I used to cry my eyes out on my way home, and then , once home, I wouldn't be able to eat anything solid, cos my mouth just couldn't take any more abuse! So I would cry some more!

And today, I had to go to the dentist again. I'm on painkillers, but my mouth still hurts!


Arz000n said...

I myself dont know how many cavities I'm having. The only reason for this are my dentists who were not so friendly when I first approached them way back in 98. I got 4 of them filled from Zinc-something (that white paste which tastes like mint). It was a painful experience for me.

Since then Im just waiting for some new technology to come up which will make this process not-so-painful.

Boy, dentists are a nightmare for me.

First Rain said...

Ooooh dentists! I have run away already.... whooosh!

musings (m000nie) said...

ufff these dentists r a pain in the mouth ;).... i'll tell u what happened to me once ... i went to a dentist n he asked me to get rootcanal done... n he said it would cost me 3000 bucks... i was so shocked coz it was just a little pain... so i went to another doc n imagine wat... i got my tooth filled n paid him just 150 bucks.... lol money saved is money earned !!!

Sonia said...

to Arz000n: i know! most people hate dentists! but unfortunately i seem to have had the worst experiences with them!

to First Rain: I wish i cud come too!

to Musings: wow! from 3000 to 150?? cool! but this ortho thing actually does cost 12 grand, so he wasn't trying to wring me dry or anything.

Kahini said...

Shudder. Deep sympathy.

Morquendi said...

I have never had a bad experience with a dentist. I just don't go.

Sonia said...

to morquendi: that's a REALLY good idea! i think it every time i have to go. but my mum forces me! :o(

Anonymous said...

nice read..n so very true..
Dentists are not on my "top list" either.But as most of my molars and premolars are sieves,there is no way I can afford to avoid them.
ur blog just reminded me of a poem by Ogden Nash about
how going to the dentist is like a vicious cycle from which there is no escape!(studied it in 12th if I remember right)
And there was this friend of mine who was addicted to food,had to put on the braces to align his teeth.
He cudn't even open his mouth for the first 2 days,let alone use it to eat something.His mom finally put everything in the mixer
n made a chutney of it n then spoon fed him.
As he aptly put it later "The scariest of all my nightmares is the one in which I'm in a roller coaster ride with my dentist drilling into my teeth sitting next to me!"