Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thank you!

So many things to say! Well, three, actually.

1. So I have a new job.

I'm still in training so they haven't alloted any of the clients to me yet, so I don't really have much to do other than trying to keep myself from falling asleep ( I keep drinking black coffee, and then consequently keep running to the loo!!)

2. I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Bought it on the 16th and read it every spare minute. Made me sad. Made me feel cheated. Made me realise that I'm not ready to grow up yet.

3. July 13th 2004, the day I started blogging.

Not this blog of course, I had another one. I wanted it to last for like...EVER, but it had to go. But I'm thankful for a lot of things it gave me.

4. ( ok, now that I've started, I realise I have more to say! It's MY blog after all! )

I miss India.

Yeah, that's all.
Thanx for reading!


Jithu said...

havent got the copy of HP & HBP yet :-(

First Rain said...

I am sure India misses you too :D !

Keep blogging. And don't black out on the job.

Joker said...

try things like snatching the pen of the guy in front of you to keep awake during training. or keep correcting the trainer's mistakes. surefire way of keeping awake.*GRIN*
Belated aapy birtieday to you blog!
Go home for a spell if you miss india:)

Sonia said...

to jithu: aww! you can borrow mine! ( if i can stand to part with it!)

to FR: does She? I doubt.

to joker: i just came from India! how can i go there again so soon?

mp said...

dropped in after a while. good to know you are doing well.

and wouldn't there be folks in india who would be missing you?

Sonia said...

to mp: i guess there are! There ARE! :o)

Kahini said...

Yep, there are! Take care Sonia.

musings (m000nie) said...

hey sonia come down to india... oh n how was harry potter... come gimme the details...

Sonia said...

to kahini: :o)

to musings: i wish i cud!

and as for Harry Potter, i LOVED it! wud love to talk abt it, but i don't wanna give details and spoil it for anyone who doesn't wanna know. check out www.mugglenet.com

Rahul said...

First time here! I just lost my job (going to gradschool), so the workforce plays it zero sum ;-)
Plzz.. dnt grow up in our conventional sense; dont let that maturity bug bite you! I believe it makes us do run-of-the-mill stuff and be proud of it!!!

Arz000n said...

Black coffee...hmmm...
I remember getting addicted to it when I was in dubai too...I forgot to pack it before leaving though :(

More reviews on Harry Potter is making me more curious to download a copy of it pretty soon.