Monday, October 24, 2005

Ever been in a fight?
I don’t mean those fights in the ring with gloves and rules and a referee.
Not the kind where there’s so much control.
Not the kind where you just lose or win.

But a real fight, with no rules to stop you from getting killed, or killing. The kind of fight where you’re fighting for your life.

You’re senses are heightened to such a level that it makes you feel like everything has slowed down, so that you can get every detail in. Anything might help you survive.
Even the fight itself slows down. Every punch, every scratch, is detailed.

You don’t really start to feel pain. Not yet. Not till the fight’s over. You just keep hitting.
Till it’s over.
Till somebody stops you. Or you stop.

And then, if you’re still alive, you start to feel other things.
You’re heart refuses to slow down for the next 10 minutes. It’s been thumping like hell all the while, but you just didn’t realise, cos the body was too busy focusing on other, more important things. And then, when the adrenaline finally subsides, you start to feel the pain.
You remember that you had hit your head on the wall, which explains the bump on the head. You touch it gingerly. And pain shoots down your neck to your shoulder and hand is all tingly. You slowly start to feel all the cuts and bruises.
You lie there for the longest time thinking about it.
Wondering if was worth it.

So, ever been in a fight?


shitij said...


Lazith Aziz said...

Yu got hit or something ??!!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

na na na na na..
heh heh heh..
trust me dear, i know.. i remember distictly.. i mean it would appear an impossible task, considering the number of times i've got hit, but i remember every punch, every kick detailed in milli seconds.. like 6 years ago in the men's hostel when i challenged this chink to fight me.. darn.. i remember the kick, and the way flied, the thump when i hit the wall, and the thod i fell on the floor with.. hee hee..
too good that in the office they only ask you to turn down the volume.. i'm working on it, though..

JAI HO!! (guess now you've got the hang of it all..)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

but too sad you've got to do girl fights.. pull hair, claw, bite!!! yeeeeks!

Sonia said...

nope, i didn't get hit.
but i made you think i did! :o)

Joker said...

very few... otherwise me a master of diplomacy... now tell us what really happened!!!! *EARS AND EYES WIDE OPEN*

Kahini said...


Jithu said...

its abt forgeting my worries, forgeting myself.. what is pain? its nothing bt a feeling which creeps into my mind when my mind is not busy with other things and when i allow it to creep in. and i hit harder and harder and harder and receive hits which are stronger and stronger and stronger. all i think abt, at that moment, is hw i can throw my inner pain out.. and when i do that its divinity.. tranquility.. and it forms a fight club..

n.g. said...

tons of times. back in school. sometimes things used to get pretty bloody, torn shirts and all.

'how much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?' - fight club

zombie said...

Well that was quite a piece you wrote on 'Fights'....yeah me's been into loads..and its fun..the rush loadsa a fun

Lost in trance... said...

its the same...even if there are no punches or scratches involved...the question in the end is was it really worth!

zombie said...

Yeah lost in trance...that was well thought of thought...:-)

but u knw what sometimes fights are an end in itself...

Sonia said...

shitij, toothless wonder: violence doesn't solve anything, but it sure feels good eh?

lazith aziz: no comment

Mr. Master of diplomacy: DON'T ASK!! :P

kahini: not really.

jithu: gee!

nish: what's there to know??
You're the all singing, all dancing crap of the world- Fight Club

zombie: it's not fun at all. you don't know what i'm talking about. and i'm glad you don't. fights don't end anything.

lost in trance: that's what i'm still trying to figger out. i guess if there were no feelings attached... i really dunno.

lash said...

more than the fight,i loved the days that followed it... the lingering threats from the rivals the sudden interests that u generate among ur fellows.....
also u get to know a lot of ppl personally after a fight.. police.. nurse... princi...

what i realised is that they enjoy this too.. our local SI was a gem.. :))

Rhyncus said...

The last one I got into was in a crowded train. I lost the fight but it cured me of a sinus problem and general sympathy allowed me to get seating space. Luckily no one got thrown off the damn train. By the way, you forgot to mention the wild, eyes-closed, vicious swinging.

zombie said...

Babes looks like u did get into a fight after all...

sheela_b said...

Fights dont end anything but it at least gives a vent. When you do not even feel like fighting, things are probably getting hopeless.

Sonia said...

rhyncus: yeah, i guess i forgot that part!

zombie: i didn't really. but i got a fair idea. i'll tell u how when i talk to you.

sheela_b: fighting for your life is something else. it gets you back to your most basic instinct for survival. strips you of all the trimmings that reality comes with these days. It makes you feel alive like you've never felt before.