Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wanted: A Life!

I’ve had it!
The routine is killing me!

Workhomeworkhomeworkho.. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!

And I have to do this FOUR times everyday (I work spilt shifts)! That’s 8.5 x4 miles everyday! Minimum! I drive fffast, but where am I going anyway? I’m like a yo-yo. No purpose. No aim. I just keep going back and forth and back again.

During the weekends, the options are malls and movies. But really, I’m sick of them! I don’t wanna shop all the time (I can’t afford it!) and I saw No Entry and I’m still recovering from the massive headache I got for suffering through that stupid movie. I can’t imagine why it’s a hit! I don’t think I’ll ever go to the Cineplex again! Ok, I take that back. I think Pyar Mein Twist is probably good!

I wanna go someplace. Go for long drives to Fujairah where they have mountains and beaches and date farms. See something new. Talk to people about stuff other than hardware and software. Meet people.

But I can’t obviously. Cos of the pbvious reason: parents. They don’t wanna go to Fujairah (takes too long), and they won’t let me go alone (too dangerous).



sheela_b said...

I have no clue how far from Dubai to Fujairah,but maybe you wanna go with a couple of girlfriends, gals of high school gangs,etc.Gals sometimes are good companies than guys, not always tho...:-)

Kahini said...

You sister and her friends?

Hiren said...

Hope you make it to the moutains and beaches. I love mountains too.

Sonia said...

sheela_b: ok, next post's title Wanted: Good girlfriends

Kahini: "what?! and send both daughters to the slaughter hosue??" wud be my parents's reaction. but anyway, my sister and her friends have their own world, i'm the elder sis. 7 years elder. you won't understand, ure too close to ur siblings.

hiren: i LOVE mountains. i prefer green ones, but the brown ones here are nice too. :o) i will go there! somehow!

Jithu said...

that is life.

Rhyncus said...

Cross the border, come to Muscat :) I guarantee that you'll start missing Dubai within a few hours!

sheela_b said...

Happy Diwali,girl! Cheer up!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hey do you take suggestions?
i could give you one, because..
i suggest you fly down to good old malluland for a holiday.. pack your stuff n go to the jungle for a couple o days.. cause that's exactly what i'm gonna do starting tomorrow.. 3 days in the jungle, it's gonna be wet n creepy and leachy, but it's gonna be fun. and this evening we're going fishing. with the nets and stuff.. and we're gonna be armed with some high res cameras.. so i'll post the snaps too, so you'l get even more jealous.. heh heh heh..

JAI HO!!!!

Sonia said...

jithu: ok, Mr.P ;o)

rhyncus: why? is Muscat that bad??

sheela_b: i'm trying! and i'm better now! :o) Happy Diwali!

toothless wonder: malluland hasn't been so good to me in the past, but i can't take leave now :o( so can't go even though i'm DYING to go!

Joker said...

i've said this before... and am saying it again... take a break!!! no matter whattake a break. a couple of days leave at least.

Lost in trance... said...

its a phase...(look whooz preaching!)...will go away...keep smiling :)