Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Come again another day(like Friday)

It rained in dubai today and it SHOULDN'T have!
Dubai just can't handle rain.
It wasn't even heavy rain or anything.

Just nice, steady rhythmic rain.
The kind you want to listen to and fall asleep (and wake up) to. The kind you want to look at while you take your eyes off your book for a minute to take a sip of coffee.The kind of rain where you wanna walk hand-in-hand with Someone and get wet in.
That kind of rain. The kind I absolutely LOVE!
Of course, I couldn’t enjoy it cos I had to wake up and go to work. I woke up at 7, gave my friend a miss-call ( cos I'm his temporary alarm clock, otherwise he won't bother waking up and going to class!) and bec it was raining, I thought I might as well get up, cos the traffic ( which is horrible at the best of times) is gonna be pretty darn impassable today. I left the house with an hour to spare. The ride to office takes about 15-20 mins when there’s no traffic, and about half an hour if you’re experienced enough to deal with the traffic in Dubai roads (which I AM).

But like I said, Dubai has no idea what to do when it rains. The people drive way too fast (as always) and then when they hit the brakes, they skid and hit other cars and then there’s collision after collision and of course, MAJOR traffic jams.
I was just 5 mins on the road when I passed an accident where two land cruisers had collided head-on. The police were scratching their heads trying to figure out how a car that should be traveling in one direction (it’s a one-way road) managed to turn 180 degrees and hit the other car!

I got stuck half-way to the shindaga tunnel and heard (too late) on the radio that the tunnel was blocked cos of a 9-vehicle collision. So then I turned left, then right, and promptly got lost!
It didn’t matter anyway, cos the traffic was bad everywhere. People kept calling up the radio and advising everyone to just give up and go home!

I finally got to work an hour and a half late.
Things were stormier inside the office than outside! :o(

So as I was saying...
It rained in Dubai and it shouldn't have!


dxb prasad said...

same as my experience. hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. have to catch a flight .. dont want to be stranded either on road or at airport.

Jithu said...

this one was nice :-) impromptu!

Lost in trance... said...

spending a lot of time with joe huh? ;)

Jim said...

Well hey, it's a good excuse for a scenic countryside tour... no, wait, there is no countryside in Dubai :-)

Sonia said...

dxb prasad: today is bright and sunny. so hopefully you caught ure flight and everything went well! good luck!

jithu: thanx! :o)

lost in trance: whether i like it or not!

jim: nope! no countryside with cows grazing idly here! how is it in Colorado?

godolphin said...

well for all the hassles we have in dubai, loved the rain and even got wet intentionally on the way to work..felt so good :)

Rhyncus said...

I remember hearing that during my first rain in Oman - "Both the land and the people don't know how to handle rain." :) But it was nicely cloudy yesterday and I hoped it would rain. The newspapers tell us that the next three days could see some rain here. Inshallah!

Sonia said...

godolphin: i wish i get to enjoy it next time. if there is a next time!

rhyncus: i hope it rains here this weekend ( ok, there too!).

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

It is very nice to read your blog :-)

quills said...

Nice post. I hope it never snows in Dubai though. :)

Prasanna said...


Jim said...

In my part of Colorado, it's mostly flat, not much to see for miles around except when you look west, to the mighty Rockies. Many of the peaks are covered in snow even in July. Plenty of cows, though :) Like Quills said, be happy it doesn't snow... <breaks out into a hacking cough>

Rhyncus said...

I spoke a little too soon. :)

Jay said...

I can't believe you're actually an alarm clock for your friend!

Sonia said...

joju jon: thanks!
quills: oh i hope it does! that wud be so awesome!

prasanna: right back at u!:o)

jim: hope ure feeling better now!

rhyncus: be careful what u wish for! :o)

jay: at least i'm not his night lamp or anything!