Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Life's Good.

I used to have another blog. I had to close that one down, but I still have all the posts in draft.
That blog was written mostly when I was in India. I was reading through some of my posts then and I find a sense of humour in them which, I feel, is somehow sadly lacking in my posts now.
While before I used to post about everything, now I post only when I'm feeling low.

There is more to my life than constantly being depressed and worrying about dumb ex-boyfriends or my imminent marriage to God-knows-who you know!

In fact, my New Year's resolution was ( still is) to Do things I've never done before.

Which has worked very well!

I tried bowling (I'm becoming real good at it too!), and ice skating ( loads of fun!). I've made a new friend, gone out to loads of new places, eaten new things from new places, read loads of books ( currently reading Desperately Seeking Paradise and The Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book) even bought a new cell phone, and done all sorts of things which in India, would have inspired me to write a dozen new posts at least.

But somehow, I never seem to blog about the funny things anymore. I only seem to whine and crib or cry in this blog! I'm going to have to change that! When I go through this blog, in most of the posts I come across ( to myself) as such a sad person!

I'm not really! Ask my friends! ( If any of my friends reading this disagree, shut up and DON'T comment!)

Just you wait! Life's good you know. And I'll tell you about it too!


Jithu said...


PS: i shut up :p
PPS: Nice to read this post :-)

Arya said...

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quills said...

You know the great thing about blogs is that you can write about your feelings and be consoled while remaining anonymous. That way blogging is get to see in some cases unbiased opinions of others and that helps. I mean there is no hard and fast rule that blogs must entertain a reader with happy thoughts. And writing about one's painful memories does not make one a sad person...and likewise no one is cheerful all the time even if they claim to be so. It is just not humanly possible. I feel almost everyone goes through these phases. BTW, seems like you are having fun too. That is the spirit. You Go Girl! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess this is similar to what I blog about as well. However, I do write about fond memories. I either blog about something funny that happened to me, or melancholic thoughts. But then, melancholic thoughts are generally what causes us to think(at least me), rather than a number of happier events. Taking happier things for granted is too damn natural for me, while I'd rather wish my troubles away. hence, with wishful thinking comes a lot of thoughts.
And what is a blog if not an attempt at writing what we think?


Lost in trance... said...

and abt cute guys u meet at the rink with their 'sisters' in tag too? ;)

Mind Curry said...

i think its important in life to have it all - happiness, sorrows, joy, sadness, peace, war, money, no money etc..that lets you appreciate things better and furthers you as a person. but yes, the most important of them all is to stay happy :)life is short, and you live only once.

KJ said...




Meesha said...

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