Monday, February 27, 2006

Two Minds

I hate my job.
But it's steady money.

I feel brain dead.
If you quit, where would you go every morning?

I could look for another job.
What other job? It's not easy to get a job in Dubai.

I did it once, I can do it again.
But if you quit without having another job in hand, how long will you be able to survive without money?

I dunno. No more movies or long drives or shopping or going out at ALL I guess.

But I hate working here. It's so frustrating to waste 8 hours of my life here everyday. not mentioning the 2 hours I spend in commute.
What makes you think that you'll get a job you like if you quit this one? How can you be sure that your next job won't be worse than this one?

Does that mean I shouldn't even try?
Try, but don't quit until you have something else in hand.

But I won't really start looking unless i have the fear of unemployment and possible dependency on Dad to push me.
Look at it this way: You could get fired anyday!

Where's the Appointments section?

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