Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Ma!

I hate furniture shopping. Especially with my mum. She is just not capable of making up her mind!
And she insists on dragging me and dad along all the time. Now dad grumbles a lot and manages to get out of it most of the time, but if I say something, she’ll start blackmailing me with how she’s not there just to cook and clean, she needs love and furniture-shopping-companion too!
It’s usually just easier (on my nerves) to go along with her.

It was my mum’s birthday on the 11th.
Last time we’d gone to Ikea, we saw this sofa, and she said she liked it, but she thought it too expensive.
So I thought I’d get that one for her birthday as a surprise. Not only would she get her sofa, I’d never have to go sofa shopping again for a long time! Two birds with one stone and all that!

So I went off by myself (on the evening of the 10th), bought the sofa (2 + 3 seater), lugged it back home, assembled the two seater and showed it to her, and she didn’t like it! (She also didn’t remember ever having seen it before) Of course she didn’t say it out straight that she didn’t like it! She hemmed and hawed about how it was too light and would get dirty soon, and about how the arm rest was a “bit too thin” and stuff.
Then she suggested returning it.
Sigh! Returning it would be such a pain! But I had no choice.

The next day, I called up Ikea, and they told me that they cannot take anything that’s been assembled, but they’re willing to take back the ones we didn’t open.
But my mum wudn’t listen (apparently, a bazillion years ago the neighbours had been able to return something that they bought from Ikea. So the policies should remain the SAME of course, and they “would surely take it back since we bought it just yesterday!”)

So her bday was spent lugging the sofas back to Ikea and pleading with them to take back the 2 seater as well.
Obviously Ikea, just like on the phone, apologized a lot but did not take it back.
And mum was okay with that! Cos otherwise, she’d had “kept thinking that they would have taken it back if only we’d tried"

She’s my mum and I love her,sure.
But she drives me crazzzzzzzy!


peaceguy said...

ha ha ha...

First Rain said...

:D Wish her Happy Birthday on my behalf.

AB said...

Lol. A belated happy b'day to your mom. I've never actually gone furniture shopping with mine, so I guess I can't exactly imagine how bad it could get :-) Is she still finding the armrest thin?

GhostOfTomJoad said...

This is what happens when you try and show them your good backfires! This is part of the reason I never let my good side show. To anyone!! :-)

Belated happy birthday to your mum :-)

Sonia said...

peaceguy: yeah yeah, laugh away.

FR: i would have, but then i'll have to explain all about WHO and WHAT iw wrote about her and HOW i know u and crap. but thank you! :)

AB: I don't know and i don't wanna ask!

GOTJ: with my mum, i don't know what side is best

First Rain said...

I totally get your problem! Hope the sofa thingie works out someway.

Bittu's Mamma said...

:) Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom and a hug for you !

Keshi said...

Happy Birthday Sonia's Mum!

Hows u Sonzz? been a long time...


Mad Max said...

belated happy birthday...hehe interesting..its all part of the game..mebbe 20 something yrs later there will be a blog with somethin similar or mebbe not (we can never be sure)...the only difference being u might be on the other side...whatever said and done what matters is not the gift per se...but rather the act and the day...enjoyyyy

Sonia said...

FR: oh yeah. it worked out, in a way... it's sitting here like a white elephant, a reminder to me to just buy cake and flowers next time.

Bittu's mama: thank you! :)

Kesh: i'm alive keshi, alive. sometimes good, but mostly bad. but i'm a survivor! :)

Anup: well, the day was a disaster of sorts cos i was so frustrated with her, which is no diff from any other day. not exactly a celebration.

Mad Max said...

@ Sonia: hmm well i guess what i was trying to convey was..there must be some fun in the frustration too...just take the lighter side of the story (hmm i know its easier said than done)...