Monday, September 18, 2006

On Love

Know what I miss the most?
I miss not being able to share the little things.

Having someone to talk to about nothing in particular.
Arguing about books and stories and movies and all the rest of it.
Being held by the waist while walking.
Watching a movie together.
Being hugged.

I miss being in love.


Anonymous said...

love is will-o'-the-wisp...

Anonymous said...

keep ur eyes wide open...LOOK sonia LOOK...

Rauf said...

Made me smile, Still smiling.
You can do all that when you come on a holiday., but not on the roads, Your KSRTC bus drivers have succeeded in putting fear of god in people which all the priests in kerala failed to do.

First Rain said...

It'll find you soon, one day,
It's around the corner, on your way,
Till then miss it 'n smile,
Just hang on, come what may.


Anonymous said...

why dont you forgive him?

hj said...

Mein tum ko buhat aane lago jab yaad, chaley Aana

Bhool jana apni kahi har baat, chaley aanaa
Judaai ka woh lamha aur woh manzar dhaltey sooraj ka
Yaad tum ko jab aaney lagey woh shaam, chaley aanaa

Bhool jaao tum agar manzil kabhi apni
Uthana apney qadam phir meri taraf , chaley aanaa

Had sey guzar jaaye jub mera zabt-e-ghum
Aur mein Pukaaroon tum ko baar baar, chaley aanaa

hj said...

i really miss kissing her a lot..miss someone calling in the middle of the night to check if ur ok n then hang up saying missme..and most of the times just sleeping on the phone..
miss the feeling that someone is always waiting to hear from you...most of all i miss loving someone..

Sonia said...

anon1: i don't think so.

anon2: i don't believe in looking.

Rauf: huh?! what makes you think i ever did all of that in kerala?

FR: I don't think so. why are you do sure it will?

anon3: forgive whom???


Arunima said...

liked reading what you write. I will be back for more.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...


Sonia said...

arunima: thank you!

yasj: whhhhy is it cool that i miss being in love?!

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

I mean... thought of love itself is cool. I am not getting any time to think about being in love or not being in love. :-(