Saturday, March 31, 2007

How you can tell I work in I.T.

My colleague and I were going to work together.

On the radio, they were playing that song from the movie hum dil de chuke sanam – Tadap Tadap.
I love that song and I think the lyrics are amazing.
Except there were some bits I didn’t understand (my Hindi isn’t that great, and my Urdu is pathetic!)

…Agar Mile Khuda Koh
Poochhoonga Khudaya
Jism Mujhe Deke Mitti Ka
Sheeshay Sa Dil Kyon Banaya
Aur Us Pe Diya Fitrat
Ke Woh Karta Hai Mohabbat
Wah Re Wah Teri Kudrat…

So I asked my colleague "Umm.. dude? What’s fitrat?"

"Ummm… configuration."

And I understood exactly what he meant.



First Rain said...

Lollz! :)

I am not one to split hairs, but "tendency" would suit "fitrat" better.


APOO said...

I didnt get it :S

I am techno-geek!

Anonymous said...

What did u understand? :(

Sonia said...

FR: thanks :) but configuration somehow makes more sense to me.

Apoo: i guess it's cos you need to have this unique combination of being in I.T. and not understanding Hindi completely :P

anon: don't worry about it:) Fitrat actually means tendency

First Rain said...

Oh n I love this song too :D Hope you are doing well.

Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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anoop said...


Rajeev said...

im really bad at hindi!
wht did that mean!!!?!??!

Peace & Love

zombie said...

Helloo Fitrat means fate...does configuration suit this meaning? am not sure..

Musings on India said...

:-) ya great song.

Di said...

Sheesh..*Di slaps her forehead at one more human who bytes the dust!*