Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Kerala

yup. i'm in kerala.

my folks got here early, so i was on my own in dxb for close to 3 weeks. which was goooooooood. :o)

and now i'm in india. all sick with cold and cough (which happens EVERYtime i come to india, for some odd reason) but i've had sooo much FUN here, which i totally did NOT expect.

what i expected was to be forced to "see" odd mallu men and be coaxed to get married to one or the other or explain what exactly my "intentions" were. But my uncle (who's The Boss of the family) has given strict instructions to everrrrryone (including my parents) to leave me well alone, and that i can choose to marry whenever i want to and whomever i want to.
which is cool.

So i've been travelling in and around kerala a lot, finally being able to admire the beauty of this place (which i never realizedb efore as i was always sullen and angry about the marriage thing), eating deelicious food from amazing restaurants and generally having fun with my cousins (who have flown down from the u.k. on holiday) and sister.

i've met with my old friends from college. one of them had come down from Bangalore, and when she came into my house... I didn't even feel like I was "meeting her" again after so long or was so norrrmal, and that felt soo good!

This visit is so far one of my best visits to Kerala.

I've learned to like the place.

I've discovered my family is actually quite fun and i feel for them more than i thought i do.

I've learned that old friends are the bestttt!

and... I've learned that MEN ARE ALL THE SAME (this is directed at ONE particular man who will be reading this post, whenever
he reads this post. so no, i won't explain further, and yes, Mr. Man, you're in Trouble. i don't care for your excuses!)


APOO said...

Perhaps you should go the lesbionic route. That way Mr. Man wouldnt be bothering you too much!! :P

(If you do, please post videos)

So are you using Mallu Mens mustache as tea strainers?

Rhyncus said...

Ah, see? Didn't I say the place could be fun? Or at least beautiful? :)

z said...

which part of kerala are you at?

Sonia said...

Rhyncus: it was a LOT of fun, and yeah, beautiful too. u waited a long time to say i-told-u-so though na? :)

Z: unfortunately, i'm back in dxb now.

First Rain said...

Hey, cool! You visited Kerala! I wanna go there someday :D

Glad you had a nice time. How are you?

Anonymous said...

So you gad a nice vacation! Cool:)

z said...

oh! unfortunately, i am also in dubai.

the saint said...

i just got back from 2 days there - and though most of the time was spent running around - it still feels awesome to go there!

zombie said...

1. Who's the man?

2. Am I included in the 'Old friend' category?

3. If yes then why do I not know that you are in India?

Sonia said...

FR: are you still in Geneva?? and i'm fine! :) hope you are too!

the saint: it doesn't usually feel that way for me. i just liked it this time. but i wouldn't trust the feeling to last. :)


1. a friend of mine who said he'd call and DIDN'T.

2. of courrrrse! you're a friend an you're old :P

3. cos i wasn't in bangalore and cos i have lost your number yet AGAIN. i only seem to be able to keep your delhi number!
soweee!! but i was there only for 2 weeks, i've been back in dxb for ages.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether I should tell you this apocryphal ‘Mulla Nasrudin’ Teaching story – ‘The Perfect Wife’:

Mulla Nasrudin was sitting in a tea shop when a friend came excitedly to speak with him.

“I’m about to get married,” his friend said, “and I’m very excited.”

“Congratulations,” Mulla Nasrudin said, pokerfaced.

“Tell me, Nasrudin, have you ever thought of marriage yourself?” the friend asked Mulla Nasrudin, a chronic bachelor.

Nasrudin replied, “I did think of getting married. In my youth, in fact, I very much wanted to get married.”

“So, what happened?” the friend asked curious.

“I wanted to find for myself the perfect wife,” Nasrudin said, “so I traveled looking for her, first to Damascus. There I met a beautiful woman who was gracious, kind, and deeply spiritual, but she had no worldly knowledge. Then I traveled further and went to Isphahan. There I met a woman who as both spiritual and worldly, beautiful in many ways, but we did not communicate well.”

“Then?” the friend asked.

“I kept on searching for a perfect wife and traveled all over the world meeting many women,” Nasrudin explained.

“And did you find her?” the friend asked eagerly.

“Yes,” Nasrudin said, “after traveling all over finally I went to Cairo and there after much searching I found her. She was spiritually deep, graceful, and beautiful in every respect, at home in the world and at home in the realms beyond it. I knew I had found the perfect wife.”

“Then why did you not marry her?” the friend asked excitedly.

“Alas,” said Nasrudin as he shook his head, “She was, unfortunately, waiting for the perfect husband.”

I hope this will help you.

Sonia said...

Anon: lol! thanks! but what makes you think i'm looking?