Monday, July 07, 2008

Ah Bombay!

You would think I'd have hated the fact that my hair looked like when Monica went to Barbados.
That I would have hated that in spite of taking at least 3 showers a day, I'd still feel all sticky and icky the whole time.
That I'd have hated having to walk in the hot hot weather, which made me all crabby (I become a terrible person in the heat. My otherwise *ahem* sweet and wonderful personality takes a violent turn if I'm subjected to aimless walking when it's 40 degrees in the shade and the humidity is 75%.)

But I miss it all!

I miss being able to sit at home and order everything. ( You name it, Bombay delivers it!)
I miss walking on the beach at midnight.
I miss walking into a hotel and spotting Bollywood stars ( I didn't technically spot one, but Salman Khan and I were in the same hotel at the same time. I missed him cos I decided that my eyes didn't have enough kohl and was in the ladies room at the time! But if anybody asks, I say we crossed paths and smiled at each other! *grin*) (and to think I don't even like the guy!)

I miss waking up and having a wonderful breakfast kept ready for me by the maid, who btw, forces me to eat more and to have tea even though I don't drink tea! (WHY are maids so expensive in Dxb?!)

I miss eating yummy Maharatrian food (anyone know of any maharastrian restaurants in Dubai? Gee! I wonder if anyone from dxb even reads this blog!).
I miss the hazar different types of restaurants there. And the alcohol that is so freely available everywhere! :D

I miss Dominos' chicken barbeque pizza. ( I know it's weird, but I doooo miss it!)

I miss having my closest friends around me, always ready to hug me when I'm feeling low, always ready to talk, always there for me. There.
In Bombay.



Anonymous said...

Thats sooo BOMBAY!! i never take my life in Bbay for granted..

im worried may have to shift after marriage...n i knw wat i will miss!

Shikha said...

does your hair reallyy look like that?:)

Sonia said...

illusion: I know what you mean. :o)

Shikha: Yup! :o( I was walking around with a cap the whole time!

AB said...

Come we will both go to Bombay:D

Sonia said...

AB: Na-ah! Oh no you don't! It's Malluland for you, come September! Nahi toh hamari dosti... KHATTAM! (mainly cos I'll be khattam from all the flak i'll get from lovely relatives abt nice mallllllu boys!)

AB said...

*blinks back tears*

Sonia said...

AB: ... of?

AB said...


zombie said...

heloooo what about Delhi and your friends here...Grrrrrrrrr!

Sonia said...

AB: :P

Zombie: Hon, I have no friend's' in delhi. just you, and you're not even in delhi! :P

zombie said...

well GGN or Delhi same thing silly..