Friday, July 25, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

In case you still haven't seen the movie *Spoiler Warning*

It's been ages since I went to a movie and laughed so hard!
There is nothing special about the story, it's the normal boy meets girl and they don't know they're in love till the end thing.
But the dialogues were hilarious and the way the scenes unfolded were so normal and casual-like. It's like my friend said... even the most serious bits were not taken too seriously. Very real. Not like a movie.

Everyone I know either loved Imran Khan or Genelia D'souza.
They were good, yes. But my favourite character was Shaleen. She is so cool! So sorted!
I've never wanted to be so like any character before! And I like that she's single. There's no pressure on her to get a guy cos everyone else in the group is hitting on each other. No tension! Just calm, logical and so cool!
I've not been able to find any pics of just her character, but here's one with them all (she's the one on the extreme right).

I actually don't like Imran Khan's character so much. I don't like the idea of someone who is so into the girl he's seeing that he ignores his friends. That's not a very nice friend, if you ask me.

But the movie itself, if you don't try to psychoanalyze the characters, is hilarious!


First Rain said...

It is! It is! Me loves eet! Oh n as for you photoo of Shaleen ... Here ya go :D

Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Loved the movie...saw it twice :) Thr actually isnt anythin different about the story...but the treatment is quite nice..
Baloo n Bageere bhaiya is hilarious n so is the nok-jhok between Amar Singh Rathore n Savitri

Must watch!

Sonia said...

FR: :D thanks a lot! you're so sweet to have gotten it for me! You think I look like her? ;o)

Illusion: i knowwwwww! Those are my favourite characters after Shaleen! :D God! That Cinderella joke still cracks me up! lol!

Tintin said...

Hey too liked the movie...but this msg is more bcoz u not writing more frequetly these days?? For watevr reason but i miss reading your new posts often..though i m new to the blogging world but as a reader m reding some of the blogs including your's from the past 3 yrs..once i also mailed u abt something which even i dont remember & u were sweet enough to reply. Do keep writing more care :)

usha said...

same pinch! me too thought shaleen was the coolest.. thought i dint quite find the movie that great. over-expectation, mebbe?!

APOO said...

I loved Jignesh!!! (h silent)

Sonia said...

Tintin: That's so sweet of you! My laptop's conked off for some weird reason, so until that's fixed, I doubt I can write much.

Usha: :o) Maybe. I found it hilarious, which is more than i can expect with hindi movies being what they are today!

Apoo: Ah yes! The Gujju connection speaketh! :P

zombie said...

Until now I was wondering whether to watch it or not..I heard mixed reviews and extreme versions!

Now am pretty sure I wanna catch a show before it goes off all theatres :)

Sonia said...

Zombie: Oh, it's DEFINITELY worth watching! You'll fall off your seats laughing! and it's the first time i heard of mixed reviews. it's doing so phenomenally well here that even a month after it's release it was full house, on WEEKDAYS!

Rahul said...

I've heard good things about that movie too. Glad to see you are still blogging strong. Hope everything is good.

Sid said...

I also loved Jaane Tu.. and it felt like I was back in School again (it resembled my group from school more that my college gang)

And more than anyone else even I was rooting for Shaleen, she seemed to be the most sorted out and I loved the red highlights!!

Hope you don't wither away from the heat.

Mez said...

I have seen it twice :D

AB said...

Jignessss!:) Surprise Birthday Party!

Sonia said...

Rahul: everything's fine, thanks! :o)

Sid: me too! even though they're fake and all, they were cool! and yeah, i'm keeping myself as cool as possible! :D

Mez: I wanted to as well, but couldn't, was too busy! but i know a lot of people who watched it twice!

AB: LOL! oh yeah! That was hilarious!