Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worker Ants

When I was little and the reported temperatures in Dubai got up to 48 degrees, people used to nod to each other and say "It's actually hotter than that. But according to the law, they have to declare a national holiday if the temperature goes above 50, so they'll never declare it!"

Either that rule was just a myth, or else they just don't give a damn anymore.

On Monday, the radio announced that the mercury levels soared to fifty two point two freakin degrees!

I'm dying here!
I can't stand outside for more than 5 minutes (at night) cos I feel like I'm going to just explode cos of the heat. And I don't even have to experience it all that much. I move from my air-conditioned home to my AC-ed car to my AC-ed office.
And yet, I wake up in the mornings feeling tired and listless and thirsty.

They reported in the news that the hospitals have had over 50 cases of people who were affected by the heatwave one way or the other.

In spite of this, people go about their business.
The labourers keep labouring, the people who need to catch buses keep waiting in the heat till the unreliable buses come round on their on sweet time...

Who has the energy to complain? What will happen? Will they actually declare a holiday?
Of course they won't. They cannot.
Nothing good can come of it.

And so ... life goes on.


zombie said...

Come back to Delhi girl...

Sonia said...

no way! I like it here, in spite of the heat. :o)

AB said...

Shucks! Poor you...I second Zombie. Come here right now!

Anonymous said...

52 freakin degrees celcius!!!

i have never experienced heat like tat!!! too much

Sonia said...

AB: yeah yeah, when i come to delhi, you'll move to bombay! :P

Illusion: tell me about it! although, I don't experience too much of it really, as I'm indoors all the time.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what it feels like actually!

Sonia said...

Anumita: Come on to Dubai then. :o) you won't be able to take more than 5 mins of it though!

Mez said...

Muscat not far either. I know whachtya mean.