Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good things will come!

You know... regarding the below post... I was upset last night, yes. For all of the reasons I mentioned already. But it was temporary. I talked to K, who tried his best to make me feel better (at 1:30am his time, poor thing) and then I called my best friend N (sometimes you need to talk to a girl to make you feel better!).
I told her " N! J is a dad!" and she said " So?" and instantly I felt better.
And I got to thinking about things and realized that I don't have any regrets regarding any of my relationships. Even the one that I'm not in now (it's complicated). And I don't even for a second regret the fact that I did not get married to any of the people my parents wanted me to.
I know of people who were "coaxed" into marriage by their parents thinking that they were doing the right thing. And everytime I feel bad about being alone, I think about these people I know who have miserable married lives and pull their marriage certificate over their eyes to convince themselves they are not as alone as I am.

Well, at least I have hope!


APOO said...

Dont base your happiness relative to others. Figure out what you want to do and pursue it. It need not be a long term thing, but small short term goals. Once you start hitting those, you will be happy, irrespective of whether someone became a dad or whatever else.

Its a tough thing to do, but its worth a shot.

Sonia said...

Apoo: I know what i want, but i have no idea how to pursue it. something so intangible as love can't be pursued can it?