Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been ill for the past few days. I went online today, tired of lying in bed all day long. Got online and the ex-boyfriend comes online. The one who at one point of time I thought was the love of my life. The one who hit me. The one who stalked me after we broke up. The one whom I took years to get over. The one who made me think I will not be able to fall in love again (thank God I was wrong about that!)

He wanted to let me know that he's become a dad.

I have no words to describe what I feel right now.
I don't love him, I'm not upset by the fact that he's happy with his life. I'm just upset that my life is going nowhere.

I think I'm going to move. I'm not sure where.
I need to go away.


rocksea said...

may be trying minor changes in your activities could pep up your spirits? like some easy walking or exercises... but don't do it alone at your home. outside, breathing the fresh air and sensing some life..

Sonia said...

rocksea: thank you for your post. But my "activities" are kinda leaving me exhausted. I travel quite a bit, and breathe a lot of air from a lot of countries and i think that's one of the reasons I'm sick. So i just wanna stay put for a while. :o)

Iza said...

you don't know how i just got hit on the head now reading this post and the whole of your blog. are you my alter ego? lol.

Sonia said...

Iza: :o) I dunno... why don't you show me your blog and we'll find out! ;o)