Saturday, September 26, 2009

Movie Moments

Today we all went to watch a movie. Inglorious Basterds. We decided kinda at the last minute, and around 9 people ended up coming. After the movie, we went to get ice-cream, and we were all sitting around our table at the ice-cream shop, planning our next trip (to Spain *fingers crossed*) and joking and laughing and just generally being when one couple takes out a sheet of paper and passes it around.
It's a sonogram.

She's pregnant and he's beaming with happiness.
Everyone's shocked and overjoyed and hugging the girl and shaking hands, making cracks about getting old and having babies and midnight cravings and labour rooms and whatnot. I'm so excited and happy for her, for them.

Of course, the moment was bitter-sweet.
We're all growing up now. We won't be able to take off to Spain, or even a movie, at a moment's notice anymore. Priorities change, life happens, as it should!

The whole scene today, the atmosphere at the ice-cream parlour, everyone's general bonhomie... I just want to capture moments like these. And hope that I too, some day, may have a day like this. I realize now that I don't want anything very extraordinary out of life.
Love, marriage, babies, friendship... that's not too bad is it? Or is it too much to ask for?

I guess I'll worry about it another day.


Anonymous said...

Definitely not too much to ask.

K said...

Movie Moments׃ revoir joi, bonjour tristesse

Good times come and they go

This life owes nobody happiness

Only pain and sorrow...

Kidding, kidding! ׃-) Like I said then, your time will come ׃-)

Why wait for the new year for change?


Good things will come!

I try to make you feel better, at 1bloody 30 am, and it isn’t good enough for you. N says the same thing and you instantly felt better? Nice!!

Sonia said...

K: you didn't say the same thing, nuh-uh! and btw, all my comments seem to be going directly to spam for some weird reason. that's why it took so long for me to see your comment!

AB said...

Of course yes. All in their own sweet time. At your own time my love. Muaaah.

NK said...

Hey..just came across you blog, I dunno how..
been reading thru' d old posts..n can totally relate..
So, a note to wish you(and me) all d magic moments in life..not today, not tmrw..Bt someday..maybe..:)
Take care..