Sunday, August 14, 2005

shifting sands

My favourite time of day these days is my bus-ride back to the house after work. I work split shifts, so I get off work around 7: 30, and there are not too many people in the bus at the time.

The bus is cooler than in the morning, and Dubai looks lovely. All black and shimmering lights, almost surreal. I listen to the radio and the songs remind me of ... everything! I feel sad sometimes, and sometimes happy, but mostly just peaceful.

I'm busier than ever, and its becoming harder to find the time to blog. But it seems like I have more to say than ever before. The bus rides give me a lot of time to think and feel. And the music makes me feel like I may be capable of falling in love in spite of everything.
I'm doing the same things everyday, and yet, life has never felt so uncertain.


lazydad said...

Enjoy ur bus rides now..because having got the license, you will soon end up driving and i dont think ud ever enjoy doing that at 7-30 on dubai roads!

Joker said...

way to go girl! *HUGS* keep on at everything!

Kahini said...

Sounds lovely.

zombie said...

Ask me abo bg uncertain...but I almost imagined the view from your bus in the evening....yeah it's beautiful that time when u jes sit n watch the city, listening to some nice music, tired, hungry and satisfied. There's a feel good factor abt being busy no matter how much we complain abt it. Don't u think so? Very happy to hear u still feel that ways abt 'love'. Here's wishing lots of nice things fr ya sweetness.

Sonia said...

to lazydad: i can't wait to get my own wheels!

to joker: :o) thanx!

to kahini: it is! :o)

to zombie: thanx yar! miss u!

First Rain said...

Bus rides will make you fall. In love or in something else. :P Enjoy !

minerva said...

Lovely post.
guess i've felt it too - esp. at times when the environs are kinda rustic, with nice greens around & the nice, cool weather etc.

Glad U still share ur wonderful glimpses despite ur busy schedule.
Do take care & Best wishes,