Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Week so Far...

* Major bad weather in Dubai, all dust and sandstorms. Consequently, I now have a nose that resembles Rudolph, and it feels like a blacksmith has put up shop in my head.

* I'm in charge of this major project at work which is worth about 7 million Dhs, (out of which I probably get nothing, but watever!) and its like I'm suddenly been asked to be a grownup!

I'm lost! Somebody help me! I'm just a kid with a degree! Nobody told me it would be like this!

* And the silver lining ........ I got my driver's license!!!
Although there are a lot of sceptics out there who doubt my ability to drive ! Here's a part of the conversation I had with my friend.

Me: Hey! I got my license!!!
Him(with evil smirk) : License to kill? lol!

Well, what does he know!


Joker said...

I still maintain - if we do meet, i'd walk or a take a cab! *GRIN*
and HUGS to you. Just hang in there and you will do alright!! and btw, does your nose blink? *GRIN*:P

Mannu said...

Holy crow, that's one more person to watch out for on the way to Jebel Ali. Congrats anyway!
The Police statistic in Dubai newspaper says that females are worse drivers than the males. Now I am convinced after I saw, some months back, a lady hanging on to her steering wheel for dear life, as her 4x4 overtook me and another car in adjacant lanes, inches to spare on either sides, playing 'touch me, touch me not' with us.
Now I have a great deal of respect to females, esp on the road.

esvee said...


First off,congrats! (driving license..!)

If i remember correctly you are a network engineer.Good luck with the project.(We also have a major project going on in Jebel Ali..are you involved in that..I am wondering!!! )On the serious side..i am also into networking..if you need any help(for whatever its worth) drop me a line!

We too had dust and sandstorm here.But luckily its all over (for a few days atleast i hope!)

Good luck always!

Sonia said...

To Joker & manoj : if we meet, the first thing i'd do is sock u in the jaw for making fun of my excellent driving! then, i'd run u over!! HA!
and that goes DOUBLE for you mannoj!

to connectany: Thank you! :o) But i'm not into networking now. I'm into management ( in hardware export)

zombie said...

Hellooo Miss Manager and should I say Miss driver!

So great going girl!

And I hate men who make fun of cautious female drivers on the road...atleast they don't bump into stationary electric poles while admiring interesting ppl on the road...I personally know atleast 5 such men!
( Does the Dubai police have a track of that as well?!) lol


Joker said...

Zombie it should be misdriver*GRIN* and sonia -i think i will use a helmet. and as for your running me down, would you be able to aim it straight? *DOUBLE GRIN* i am sure zombie will vouch for that!

Jithu said...

they dont have an 'H' test there? ;-)

Kahini said...

Woah! COOL man. You get to drive, you get to manage a project, DAMN cool.

zombie said...

haha Joker...that was a gud one!

And Sonia..we better get back at this joker..all we need to do is walk on the road where he's driving ...any electric pole would do the rest....

lazydad said...

congrats congrats!! so where do we come for the party!!

Joker said...

ZOMBIE!!!! i thought you mailed me and told me we cud gang up against sonia?