Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Did someone slip Prozac into my coffee?

All this time I was blaming everyone else for my lack-of-life-in-Dubai-syndrome.
But it isn’t anyone else's fault.
It isn’t cos I’m living with parents. It isn’t that my job is taking up all my time. It isn’t Dubai.
It’s me!

I’m the problem.

And all this time I’ve been trying to escape from everything else, instead of changing what is MY fault. How can I run away from me??

Sure, all the problems I’ve mentioned are real, but they are insignificant.
If only I look at it from a different angle.

I should just stop complaining about stuff like this.

So I've decided!

I've decided that I'm gonna get off my butt and start enjoying life. I mean, there are millions of people all over the world who are trying to come to Dubai.
And right now, this place is booming with oppurtunities!

And I'm right here! And I'm trying to get out!? How crazy is that!
Life is not gonna be easy anywhere. But it's easier in Dubai than in most other places (I kid you not).
There really are so many things I can do here. I can meet people from all over the world! I can go bowling or ice skating or scuba diving or jet skiing or even skiing!

All you really have to do is have a positive attitude. And of course, I need to actually get up and get going! And I'm ready.

I'm ready to live and enjoy the ride, through it's ups AND downs.

Hell, I just might even find that stripper. ;o)


silverine said...

Angst in the land of opportunity? Or year end blues? Time to make resolutions cos it is so nice to break 'em lol

Merry Christmas Sonia if you celebrate Xmas or else here's wishing you a world of happiness and contentment for the New Year 2006!

Chin up gal !!! :)

Thanu said...

We are responsible for everything that is happening to us. We can blame it on the circumstances, but ultimately it is our responsibility.

Happy Holidays.

dee said...

first you post the pic of a belly dancer.

now i see a link to a stripper.

this page gets interesting by the day :P

dee said...

i dont know of a male stripper, but i do know a female stripper in dubai :D

vague said...

take a break, and return to find such optimisim. jolly jolly i say

Anonymous said...

...and if all that doesnt do it to you..


naked dooodes of the world unite!

KJ said...


that's the spirit!!

Atta Girl!!!

lemme know when & if u find the male stripper ;-))

C u soon :-))

Lost in trance... said...

i guess strippers r the order of the day...i just "ordered" one today for my room mates' bachelors party...shud b fun ;)

Anonymous said...

Santa Baby, just slip a sable under the tree,
for me.
Been an awful good girl, Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney to me.

Santa Baby, a Fifty-four convertible too,
light blue.
I'll wait up for you dear, Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney to me.

Think of all the fun I've missed.
Think of all the fellas that
I haven't kissed.
Next year, I could be
just as good --
If you'll check off
my Christmas list.

Santa Baby, I want a yacht and really
that's not a lot.
Been an angel all year, Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa, Honey, one little thing -
I really need the deed
to a platinum mine, Santa Baby.
So, hurry down the chimney tonight.
Santa, Cutie, and fill my stocking
with a duplex ... and checks.
Sign your 'X' on the line, Santa, Cutie,
and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree
with some decorations bought at
I really do believe in you.
Let's see if you
believe in me.

Santa Baby, forgot to mention
one little thing,
a ring.
I don't mean on the phone, Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Hurry down the chimney tonight


Sonia said...

silverine: angst?! moi? read again my deah! such joie de vivre you would not find anywhere else!

thanu: we really are aren't we! that's a comforting thought! :o) happy holidays to you!

dee: i don't need a female stripper! why wud i wanna see a naked woman??

vague: jolly jolly it certainly IS!

anon: naked dooodes?? i'm a dudette!

kj: you gotta help me out with that one! cos where am i gonna get a stripper from?

lost in trance: lemme know how it went! and see if u can export one to dubai for a bit! (MALE one mind u! )

anon: that's a cool song! :o)

kickassso said...

LOL! the holiday mood is lifting someone up!

Anonymous said...

anon: naked dooodes?? i'm a dudette!

I know, I was referring to myself..unless you would like to stripper too and strip for me ;-)

hope and love said...

thumbs up sonia..! celebrate your life..!

sheela_b said...

A new year, a new start. :-)

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