Saturday, December 24, 2005

when bloggers meet

Do you…. err… have a ….blog?

I wasn’t sure whether to ask that question or not, but I had suspected it from our very first meeting.

His eyes betrayed him. The wild-eyed panic in them, though present only for a fleeting second, told me the answer even before he smiled and hesitantly nodded.

My friend V had introduced me to him. We were gonna watch King Kong (I absolutely ADORE Adrien Brody, his smile is just so chaaarming! Sighhhhhhh! )

But we ended up watching just half the movie. The damn movie was for 3 hours or something and it was already 11:30 pm. Our dads ( us girls' dads, guys have no such problem) would freak if we got back home at 3 am. Parents don’t change no matter how old you get or where you’ve been in your life. Curfew was 11pm. And we were late. So we dragged the poor guy out of the cineplex and were on our way to the parking lot. I was complaining about how horrid it was to just watch half of the movie and V told me “well, at least it’s something for you to blog about right?!” (She knows I have a blog but I haven’t given her my link.)

When she said that, he became silent. He wasn’t talking then, but you can feel it when a person just closes up inside. That’s when I first suspected it. But I didn’t ask him anything about it then. Hell, I had just met the guy.

But this weekend we all went bowling. It was loads of fun! We all went to dinner afterwards to 19th Street Café (lovely place, crap food) and we got talking a lot and I was really curious about whether he was a blogger. So I asked. And he said yes. And then it was like…

OK! ….…. Should I ask him for his link, does he read my blog….. OMG!! What if he DOES read my blog….. naa….never got any comments from readers in Dubai… but maybe he reads it and doesn’t comment… naa, why would he do that… so he does NOT read my blog no? NO???

I didn’t know where to go from there. I was stuck. His was a personal blog too. He reads Opinionista too. Didn't ask about the others. He asked me if I wrote about books in my blog! I wonder which blog he connected me to.

I didn’t go for the blog meet last Friday even though I was tempted to, cos my blog is just too damn personal. I write about most everything in here. This isn’t a general blog. It’s a damn personal one. So I thought it best to not go for the meet. But I kinda ended up meeting a blogger anyway didn’t I?! :o)

And he’s left me awfully curious!!


Merry Christmas to ALLL!! :o)
Hope you all have happy holidays!


Jithu said...

hmm thts a tough situation. btw u can ask for his blog url w/o giving urs :p.

wishing u and ur family a merry christmas and a happy new year!

jaguu said...


Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones.U getting any rain there yet? We are having one fine rainy Christmas here.:)*YAAY*

വിശാല മനസ്കന്‍ said...


Kiranz..!! said...

Merry X-mas...!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeh.. Merry Xmas...

Lost in trance... said...

Eat! Drink! Have Loads of Fun during Xmas n New Year :O)

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Great blog! The best part about your posts are that you write straight from the heart. Liked your blog a lot!

zombie said...

Hey looks like he hasn't read this post yet...else he would have been tempted to comment...isn't it?

So's okay!

And Merry Christmas to you sweets..what plans for the new year?

the Monk said...

i know, I'm not too sure about letting people I know reading my blog...I mean, what if they actually say what they're thinking?;)

Anonymous said...

merry xmas! best u keep ur blog a secret. u can have ur wildest most fanciest blogs in here. a diary that the whole world reads yet never know exactly who the person is. ;-)

Kind of a thrill to it, don't u think?

zombie said...

Yeah...I agree wt u anonymous ;-))

First Rain said...

Keep it anonymous is a good suggestion, but what happens when you deliberately set up a meet with a blogger whose blog you read and vice versa. :D Possibilities either way??

Have a fantastic year!

vague said...

its tempting isn;t it, to reveal it and find another blogger....but ts hard to let go of the anonymity....
anyway, seasons greetings and all that!

Sonia said...

jithu: take something for nothing huh? hmm, don't u remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch!

jaguu: no rain. loads of fog though! i like the fog a lot!

vishala manas-ke: thanx!

kiranz: thank you! hope u had a good christmas.

anonymous: i'll talk to u later, whoever the hell you are.

lost in trance: i ate and drank a LOT, it wasn't that much fun though! :o(

Adarsh A. Varghese : sometimes that can be a problem. but thank yoU!

zombie: yar, i know he doesn't read my blog. that's why i posted what i posted! new year plans are many, but dunno if it'll work out. let's see.

the monk: what i mind is people i don't like knowing what e'm thinking!

anon: dunno. i guess we all write for diff reasons. btw, why are u anonymous?

FR: that's different. cos then you don't mind meeting that person cos of watever u think of him or her, from their blog. it's still a risk though, cos i've heard people are different from their blogs.

and thank yoU! i hope you have a great year too! :o)

vague: it is! both tempting to know and hard to let go.

Anonymous said...

anon: dunno. i guess we all write for diff reasons. btw, why are u anonymous?

isn't fairly obvious? to stay anon.

Sonia said...

anon: well, the other reason cud be cos that person knows me and vice versa

zombie said...

Sonia where are u and why aren't u posting nything new lately? Very busy preparing for the new year is it?

Anonymous said...

Don't EVER tell people in real life about your blog. It is the biggest mistake you can ever make.
Todd Vodka

KJ said...

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.



appy to u from di....

zombie said...

Happy new year my darlin frend! Hope you partied partied too much actually and fell sic on the very first day! he he...

why dont u put up a post on your sure even if you stayed at home..u wd make an interesting post on that!

Here's wishing you a merrier happier new year!