Thursday, December 08, 2005


My friend is getting married.
My only single friend. She’s gonna go too.
And I’m going through rehab to get over my ex-ex. (sounds weird na? Getting over ex-EX!)
BIGger sigh!
So pretty crappy for me all round.

I’m thinking, I should organize a bachelorette party. With stripper and all! ;o)
I’ve never been to one (bachelorette party). But I got inspired by my Bulgarian colleague, whose friend actually hired a real live male-stripper for the party!

I’ve never seen a stripper, male OR female. It should be interesting. Only I don’t know how we can organize this thing. I mean, a stripper can’t exactly be legal in this country!

I’m not really sure if I even wanna see a naked guy prancing about like an idiot. Hmmm. On the other hand, maybe I do. It should be funny, even if it’s not exactly arousing.

Anybody know where to get a male stripper in Dubai??
( Bulgarian colleague left the company,so I can't ask her.)


KJ said...

let me know when n where is the party...



zombie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun but sorry no such gyan...not even in India forget outside!

Geo said...

u provide air-fare both ways :-?

Lost in trance... said...

its of my frnds here in the office had even got an offer to become a male stripper !!! hahaha....thankfully (for others i guess) he didnt accept :))

Thanu said...

Have fun at the party. Wish I was somewhere ard there I cud have joined.

silverine said...

That's the spirit Sonia !!! It is better to go to town than sitting and pining. Now you gave me an idea what to do to distract a friend who is going through the same thing.

@Geo: Please give me your contact number :))

btw hilarious post rofl

Anonymous said...

At some point in Life, I recommend all women MUST see a strip show. Nothing better than seeing a naked body writhing to your fancy.

Easiest way to get off these emotional mumbo jumbo.

Keshi said...

**I’m not really sure if I even wanna see a naked guy prancing about like an idiot

LOL hahahahaha!

I dunno what it is but I dislike's disgusting...but yeah no harm to have some fun :) Aus is full of them and these kinds of parties...never been to a LIVE one tho...


Anonymous said...

ahaa..not seen a LIVE one..meaning u've secretly checked one on the internet. ;-)

And that my dear is

n.g. said...

you can *ahem* fly one in from bombay.

*taps feet, looks around nonchalantly*

Sonia said...

kj: sure! the more the merrier ( and cheaper!;o) )

zombie: aww come ON! ure in recruitment! i was hoping u cud help me out. ;o)

geo: do u look like John Abraham? if u do, then MAYBE. and sliverine seems interested! lol! check her comment to me!

lost in trance: cool! lemme know if he changes his mind! ;o)

thanu: well, we gotta find a stripper first!

silverine: yeah, i'm having a few bad moments, but i'll be ok! thanx! :o) and DO lemme know if Geo responds! lol!

anonymous: hmmm. i dunno. but i'll try and find out!

keshi: yeah? they're digusting? oh crap. what else are we supposed to DO at a bachelorette party!

anonymous: didn't like the ones on the net either. naked guys are yuck looking.

nish:LoL! Same question, DO u look like John Abraham?

Anonymous said...

At December 11, 2005 3:48 AM, Keshi said...
na Sonzzzzzz,Its not that I see things from my point of view ONLY,its that u saw me from ur point of view:)You should see others from others perspective too.You will know how beautiful the world around you is.Try it for a change:)

Thanks Matey.


jaguu said...


Why male-stripper??? I guess all u got to do is ask any hunk walkin around if he would like to strip for few girls.I am sure the answer would be a big YES!!...Have Fun!Cheers!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Hahhaha..That indeeed was hilarious!

Keshi said...


**keshi: yeah? they're digusting? oh crap. what else are we supposed to DO at a bachelorette party!

look who's only thinking abt her point if view now? May be it's not disgusting to u, but it is to me :)
Besides Sonz I dun get what u really think abt naked guys...u said to annonymous "naked guys are yuck looking."...?? And now u r telling me that I talk crap. hehe u can be very confusing at times.

What else u can do at a bachelorette party? Well perhaps the girls can get together and share their love stories, play games, dance and be merry :) U dun have to have a butt-naked guy running ard to have some fun...


Anonymous said...

don't let this keshi get to naked dudes will be lost without ya.

naked dudes unite! against spinsters like keshi!

no offence keshi, just messing around. ;-)

lash said...

hahahaha... funny... what a way to celebrate...

KJ said...

keep me informed....


silverine said...

Geo has responded, ( see the Eskimo post) but you will have layers of red tape to cut through to see the show :))

p.s. do rob a bank before you hire him ;)