Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Growing up.

A LOT has happened.

It started with my dreams of course. I kept dreaming that J was ill (J being my first boyfriend). I’ve mentioned all this before of course. I mailed him and later his friend told me he was seeing someone else, I was crushed. I thought he didn’t even bother replying to the mail, he hates me… etc etc.

Well, what happened was, he did reply to the mail.
Except I had blocked him from from my yahoo id! I did this last year, when things were so bad between us that I couldn’t bear to even receive his mails, and he insisted on writing them. I had forgotten that bit.
Funny thing about yahoo is, they deliver mails to the people you’ve blocked. Yahoo also does not tell people that someone has blocked their email id and so the message is not ever gonna be delivered.
So I sent the mail, J received it, was happy reading that I was still concerned about him, wrote back this HUGE mail, which apparently took him an hour to write, and thought that I got the mail but didn’t reply to it.

See how it’s all Yahoo’s fault!?

Aaanyway, I was crushed and devastated and all that. I cudn’t sleep, eat, listen to music … couldn’t do any of the things that made life worth living. I spent a LOT of money ( no more shopping!) on ISD calls to friends, crying and weeping and all that crap.

But I’m alright now and I’m ready to face life again. Thanks to my friends. old and especially the new ones.

I stole this from Inky, it explains things so well i just had to take it!

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyun hai?
Zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyun hai?

Tum se bichhdey hain to ab kisse milaati hai humein…
Zindagi dekhiye kya rang dikhaati hai humein…

So tomorrow is another day, and I know I’ve behaved in a silly way, but hey! I’m human. And I’m learning to live. Just like everyone else.


hope and love said...

i came here via geo's blog.. and im enchanted..!
there is a lot of sincerity in what u write...

KJ said...

beautiful lines from Umrao Jaan...
another song from UJ that i LOVE is
Justajuu Jisakii Thii Us Ko To Na Paayaa Hamane,
Is Bahaane Se Magar Dekh Lii Duniyaa Hamane.

Tujhako Rusavaa Na Kiyaa Khud Bhii Pashemaan Na Huye
Ishq Kii Rasm Ko Is Tarah Nibhaayaa Hamane

Kab Milii Thii Kahaan Bichhdi Thii Hamen Yaad Nahiin
Zindagii Tujhko To Bas Khwaab Mein Dekhaa Hamane

Ai Ada Aur Sunaaye Bhii To Kyaa Haal Apanaa
Umr Kaa Lambaa Safar Tay Kiyaa Tanahaa Hamane...

beautiful, isnt't it?

silverine said...

Liked your honesty in admitting that an old flame still flickers in your heart.

n.g. said...

one day when you're 50 years old and gray and scrawny and wrinkly, you'll remember this and have a good laugh.

maybe you'll bump into J at some starbucks and spend an hour catching up on life and talking about how silly you guys were all those years ago.

Rhyncus said...

According to this http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=4802&TrackingID=516311&BannerID=544657&menuid=6>1=7427&ER=sessiontimeout you went for points 1 & 2.

Jithu said...

welcome change :-)

Rays Of Sun said...

We never ever get over things..I agree, something inside us is alive..but you are willing to take the bull by its horns, is all that matters:)

zombie said...

So wat did J write in that BIG mail babes? ;-))

Stop feeling stupid abt the fact that the old flame was still alive somewhere..it happenns babes and its natural.

Now gimme a big smile!

zombie said...

BTW also wanted to say a big THANKS for the lines you stole from Inky..they touch a chord somewhere...thanks to Inky too!

First Rain said...

Glad to see find you better!

First Rain said...

Sheessh! First I was gonna say glad to `see' you better, and then I thought maybe `find' was a better word... so... :D

Moral of the story:
*Don't think too much!*

Sonia said...

hope and love: thank you! :o)

kj: yeah, it is beautiful! but also sad.

silverine: flickers?? that damn flame very well almost burnt me to ashes!

nish: sigh! i dunno. i guess.

rhyncus: blocked by uae. :o(

jithu: i know i know. let's hope it continues.

rays of sun: "rays of sun" is a different name, makes me feel like you're name is Raveena. :o)

bull by the horns and all. yeah. except u get hurt.

zombie& zombie: will tell u when i talk to u. and those lines make a lot of sense.

FR and FR: :o) don't worry. we'll meet sometime. and then u can say " see" :o)*hugs*

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey!! Ravishing Raveena..isnt my name:)That was a different guess...many people have guessed everything from Rachel, Kiran:))
Get hurt and then get over it, my funda:)

Sonia said...

no raveena huh? well, at least it was a diff guess! :o)

Moaz said...

just to be the first comment from DubaI