Friday, December 08, 2006

I SO wish i was kidding!

So my mum crossed this red light and my car got totalled by this other car.

And this happened on the day she went to get the car back from the mechanic. When she called me I was like... are you freakin kiddin me?!

Mum's fine.

But now I have no car.

What a fantastic start to the last month of the year!


AB said...

Aww poor S. I amazed it wasn't you;0)

First Rain said...

Allle! Hugs! May you have a brand new Joe next year and may it be free from all accidents!

The Bard said...

Guess the last month brings worst thigns and new year brings wondeful things...I badly hope so bcoz this hasn't been my best of months :)

the wise old man said...

Glad that nobodys hurt.
Pity about Joe though..

godo said...

well .. year end misery means u will have a great year keep ur fingers crossed :)

Sonia said...

AB: HELLO!!! i'm a good driver! :P

FR: Amen! :o) *hugs* thank you!

the bard: i hope so too!

the wise old man: siiiigh! i know i know

godo: yeah? is that what it means? i sure hope so, cos then i should have a superb year ahead of me! :)

zombie said...

Will it help if I tell you, a close fren also got into an accident on Sat night..he rammed his car into a concrete structure at 3 am. He hit his head against the wind-shield..and glass pieces pierced into his scalp and skin elsewhere..the H-City is almost gone...he's fine now. Am jes glad nothing happenned to u or your mom

godo said...

trust me on that..u sure will have a great year ahead and u will come and tell that to me next year :)

Thyrie Kourouma said...
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