Sunday, December 31, 2006

to my small world.

Here's hoping that J gets to spend more time with his family instead of working till 2 in the morning.
Here's hoping that my friend finally gets the break he deserves.
Here's hoping that the Cheese-guy rids himself of his loneliness instead of drowning himself in alcohol and drugs.
Here's hoping that S gets to lead her own life instead of living for her parents.
Here's hoping her parents find a life of their own and learn to let go.
Here's hoping the Peaceguy finally finds peace.
Here's hoping my sister gets to pursue her dream and becomes what she wants to be.
Here's hoping N won't be so bitter with life and gives happiness a chance.
Here's hoping I am less angry and more at peace with myself.
Here's hoping I find myself this new year.

Here's to hope.

Happy New Year


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

to hope!

Anonymous said...

May world peace prevail. Amen.

First Rain said...


KJ said...

Amen to all that ad wat ever u wish for!!!

Wishing you and your family a happy new year


Sherry said...


godo said...

amen to all that :)

godo said...

amen to all that :)

zombie said...

what no wishes for me?? **grumble#$$#**...nyways..Happy new year to u babes!!!

Sonia said...

toothless wonder: is that the sound of hope falling? and failing?

anon: world peace? what r u, a beauty contestant? :P

FR: indeed!

KJ: thank you KJ, you too! :o)

Sherry: you're a darlin! happy new year to you as well! :o)

godo: yup, to all of that!

zombie: :o) i don't talk of alll my wishes.
happy new year! *hugs*