Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To leave or not to leave

What I like about Dubai.

the job. the cars. the people. the shoes. the roads. the nice policemen. the very convenient convenience stores at the gas stations. all those people from all the different countries i get to meet. the respect.. no.. the consideration they show to women. the access i have ( but i don't really do anything about it, so does that count?) to so many other places. the possibilities.

And what I don't.

the fact that i have to live with my parents. the lack of friends... the no-life life i lead.

So... will leaving be the biggest mistake of my life or will it be the best thing i (n)ever did?


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

what can be wronger than a mistake?
living with it.
try it. you'll never know until you have tried. simple!

hj said...

I have been in dubai since last 2 decades something. and now this place has become my hometown.. though honestly there is only one attachment i have with dubai and that has me staying here 'friends'..

live where you have friends around you most of the time and your life will be amazing. be it india, be it dubai.

PS. but remember what they say 'known devil is always better than the unknown'

zombie said...

Have u read this book - 'Princess' - the women had access to all the possible luxuries in this world except for the most valuable thing to anyone in life -freedom...choose a place which helps u blossom into who u really are!

KJ said...

One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. - Andre Gide

Wishing u the very very best..


First Rain said...

Taking a risk can put things dramatically in perspective.

Otherwise, the "what-ifs" have no answers.


A Liberated Soul said...

Hi...you just spoke my mind...What shall we do in that case?

godo said...

go where your heart says. [mine said India :)..so am leaving dubai for good]

Sonia said...

toothless wonder: i'm confused. as usual.

HJ: i have to consider the possibility that i might not have friends where i'm going either.
so can't really make my decision on that for this.

zombie: babe, i'm not living "in luxury" but i love my office and my team. and i know the kind of crazy politics i'll have to deal with in india. but then i have no life here, and i've always had a better life in india. so... confused as hell.

KJ: thanks KJ! :o) let's see what happens now.

FR: yup. i gotta sort some things out. and i think this is the best way.

a liberated soul: no idea.