Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh Joe!

Joe(my Rav4) is in trouble again.
He's not been the same since that last accident.
The other day, in the middle of Emirates Rd., he started spouting steam and making weird hissing and sputtering noises. I checked the hot-cold thingy in the controls and it was at H!
I cut the engine and moved the car to the side of the road where it was sandy and … do you see where I’m going with this.... ?
Yeah. I got stuck in the freakin sand!

So then, after refusing numerous offers from Arab guys who wanted ‘drop me home’ I called up my Iranian friend who came and rescued me from there and took me home. I had to wait for about 45mins for him to come and get me, but had enough entertainment to keep me from being bored.
I was standing out with the hood up and staring at the engine (what was I supposed to do!? I’m no mechanic!) and saw a 5-car collision happen riiight in front of me. No one was hurt or anything, just the nut in front hit the brakes or was going too slow or something and all the others behind him went BANG BANG BANG BANG!! Then the drivers all got out and looked sheepishly at each other…
Like I said… entertainment! *grin*

When Iranian guy finally arrived, we left Joe in the sand, cos the traffic was too bad and we wouldn’t have been able to pull him out then.

The next day, same friend (who is into off-roading in a serious way), took me back to where Joe was stuck and took out his 4 x 4 rescue kit to try and pull Joe out.

We went alllllll the way out to the middle of Emirates road and took a U-turn and came back to where Joe was and got out of the car and I realized…….go on, you know me well enough by now…. guess what I didn’t do….

I had forgotten my freaking keys!

So we had to go all the way back home, pick the damn keys up, and drive back and then try and pull Joe out. But Joe was stuck too deep and my friend's Jeep almost got stuck as well!
We finally ended up calling the Recovery guys to tow him out and now Joe is in the garage.

It’s time for Joe to retire.
And me too, if the traffic is gonna remain as crazy as it is. Or move somewhere closer to work!

Driving in dxb is dangerous! (I take this tunnel everyday everyday!)


KJ said...

u doing ok?



the wise old man said...

call me a chauvinist!!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i couldn't agree more with the chauvanist guy.
i mean - JOE??

Sonia said...

i'm fine. thanks KJ.

the wise old man: well aren't u a treat!

toothless wonder: my my! and to think they say hell hath no fury than a woman scorned!