Saturday, April 03, 2010

3 margaritas and a kamikaze later...

I woke up this morning in my room and realized I wasn't wearing any clothes.
I looked around me and everything seemed normal, other than the fact that my clothes from the party last night was on my study-table.

Sometimes, when I get drunk, I switch to auto-pilot mode and don't remember ANYthing from the previous night. And I have my friends telling me what happened the next day. I'll tell you about what I did in Spain one of these days.

Last night though, I didn't think I was that drunk... cos I remembered everything all the way until I got into the car to be dropped home. I even remember one of the girls being dropped off and she lives VERY close to my place. I think I have this vague recollection of running up the stairs of my building as well. But after that, everything's blank.

I got out of bed, put some clothes on and tried to figure it all out.
I hoped I hadn't thrown my lenses somewhere like I threw my clothes, and I went to check out the lens-case on my dresser. I opened the case and saw that drunk-me had carefully put solution and lens in place, but hadn't closed the case very well. Oh well! At least I hadn't flushed it down or anything!
I went to the living room and found my bag on the rug and my keys on the coffee table. So all was well! I filled a bottle of water, all set to drink away the slight hangover I had. I took in the morning paper, and settled down to read. I crossed my legs when suddenly I noticed that there was a brown... something... on my right foot. It was like I'd stepped on some very dark brown liquid.
I was trying to figure out if it was the cake or something from last night (it was a birthday party and there was chocolate truffle. yummmmmm-y!). I went to the loo to wash it off and that's when I realized that I had cut my toe! That brown stuff... was dried blood! and it looked like a pretty bad cut too, judging from the amount of blood there was.

After a while I went online... I saw that I had a few new mails on my gmail account. I found that I'd gotten a few comments from friends on my status message.

"What happened girl? You ok?" and " ??????????????!!" was pretty much how the messages went.

I was wondering which status update of mine they were referring to, cos I knew that I'd left it blank last night.

That's when I realized that drunk-me was also online at 2am last night!
My status said one thing, "broken".


Drunk-me was also depressed last night I guess. And she didn't have any inhibitions about putting up her feelings online for the damn world to see! Idiot!

Thankfully, I hadn't chatted with anyone (I checked chat-history). And so far I don't seem to have done anything else.

And I have to do something about this broken feeling!
If only I knew what.


amritha said...

The effects of alchol are more severe on women. Liver disease, hepatitis,hypertention,anemia,
hairloss,breast cancer,menstrual disorders,osteoporosis....list continues.
10 outof 100 dementia cases are alchohol related. Confusion & memory problems are symptoms of dementia. Those who can remember events happened years ago but not able to recall events took place the past few minutes.
Next time try to say cheers without that peg and avoid being ridiculed behind your back,mocked and never taken seriously.

Sonia said...

Amritha: I'm not a drunk, I only drink occasionally and not drinking is not that big a deal for me. I don't drink for office events, only with friends, and make sure I have them around me so I know i'm safe with them. We all drink & act silly, so none of us has a problem of being "ridiculed or mocked" and I have absolutely no trouble being taken seriously.

Sonia said...

Also, I'm amused by the fact that your name is "Amritha" and you're advicing me about drinking! talk abt irony! :D

amritha said...

Its not an advice just an opinion. May be opposite of yours.
Abt irony: a-mruth is opposite of mruth means without death. Amruth is a God's drink which they regained immortality & defeated demons. alchohol is killer.

Sonia said...

alcohol is not a killer.
but excess of it is. just like anything else.. even amruth.