Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ayurveda with a 100 year old

In Kerala now. Thiruvananthapuram (tvm), to be precise. It's mainly hot and humid, but also rainy and cool, sometimes. I got two whole weeks of mum pampering me with delicious home-cooked food and juicy pineapples and mangoes (taken from my granma's place) and endless hours of sitting in my basket-chair (you know, the hanging types) gently rocking back and forth and reading my books. My little library in dxb is full to overflowing already. But I feel like I might be tempted to take back some of the books I've left here.
I'm quite impressed with my entire family! None of them have so far even mentioned a word about marriage! Although, things were pretty awkward when I went back to my hometown to meet my granma. Classic pink-elephant scenario! But my parents have been the best! They didn't talk about it, they didn't act sad or disappointed with me... in fact... mum's quite nice to me! And she seems to genuinely feel that way... I can tell she's not doing it just cos I'm not well and my neck is all screwed up!

Oh yeah! About that...the reason I'm here in the first place...
I went to this healer in Ayoor, a hour's drive from tvm.
The guy is ollld, and apparently very good. He said he works mainly through yoga and the treatment would be through excercises and there won't be too many medicines. This sounded perfect to me, cos I hate taking those nasty tasting ayurvedic medicines that make me gain weight like crazy!

When I got to the place, he asked me if I was studying. When I told him I was working, he asked me my age (28) and the next question was obviously... why I wasn't married.
What was I supposed to tell this stranger, who looked like he was a 100 years old, the reason for my single status?Should I tell him that none of my relationships worked out? Was I supposed to expose my emotional scars to this man? And my parents were right there! *sigh*
Anyway... he was waiting for an answer... so I told him that it just never happened.
He laughed. He asked me to sit with my back facing him. He gently ran his fingers down my spine and pressed in two specific spots that were hurting me. He then proceeded to give me a lot of information about my condition... all in extremely shudh malayalam (it could've been sanskrit, for all I know!), and I couldn't understand most of it! All I understood was that there were 7 chakras and that some of mine were blocked, dunno why. He talked a lot, a bit too much, a lot of jargon really.

He showed me a couple of exercises that I needed to do for the next 2 weeks and gave me a few meds, which of course, means that I will pile on the kilos like I've been on a diet of McDs and ice cream for a month! *sigh*
I'm doing the exercises and taking the medicines regularly. So far, the pain is not any better or worse. Let's see. I wanna do the the whole thing completely before I give my verdict.
But I'm praying that it all works out ok, cos I've had enough of the pain!

*fingers crossed*


Saaketh said...

awesome :-)

K said...

Fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

best of luck babe! and get out of mallu land fassst...share ur sentiments about the place :D...am one of those fraud "mallus" too

Haddock said...

Simple plain Yoga practiced daily does wonders.

roop said...

i have similar pain too. it goes away with stress. hmm. i took anti-depressants for a month. the high was amazing! hehe and all pain was gone. so i concluded it was stress. so now whenever i feel the pain strongly, i do something that would release stress like dance or just laugh out loud ;p. but yes, i have neck pain ... esp one one side ... and a few spots down my spine. it's nothing but just stress. feeling of possibly disappointing your parents (which reflects clearly) cuz you are not married could easily be a cause of stress. u're always on the lookout for cues from them that they are genuinely happy with you? if you are, that's most likely where stress is coming from.

Sonia said...

Roop: I work in a very high-stress environement, live 65 kms away from work (which means I drive a 130kms everyday), so parents wanting me to get married is not the only stress i have. Maybe I need to shift to another country, start over!