Monday, April 05, 2010

To Dilli, not itni jaldi!

I can't go to Delhi! :'(

My neck problem has now become my neck and back problem and now I can barely walk without wincing, let alone travel!
So the Dilli and Lucknow trip is off for the moment.
Instead, I'm gonna go to Kerala, get some serious ayurvedic treatment, rest a lot, eat mom's cooking and hopefully get back on my feet soon.

Sucks though, I was soooo looking forward to Dilli and Lucknow! :o(

But I've decided to get serious about my health! I'm gonna get better.
And I'm gonna check out these places and more.

I've decided to make myself a list of places I want to go to this year as an incentive to get better soon.

These are the ones on my radar so far:

1. Dilli, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Amritsar
2. Socotra - I neeeeeeeed to check out this alien-island on earth! I've been fascinated by it ever since I heard of it, which, shamefully enough, was only about a month ago! Then again, Yemen isn't exactly the kind of place one would look to visit, so I can't be blamed for lack of research on the place!
3. Morocco and maybe Tunisia too!

*fingers crossed*


Saaketh said...

Am I the only one stalking you virtually ?? or you are yet to accept other comments ?? :-)

Sonia said...

hehe. you're the only one dude!

Elizabeth said...

Do blog about your treatment. I have been in the same boat for years and always been indecisive about ayurvedic treatments.