Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear God,

Please give me a new job! PLLLEAAASE!
I'm feeling utterly and hopelessly depressed in my current one.
I'm earning peanuts, my self esteem is lower than I thought possible, and I hate the guy I'm reporting to.
I'm not cut out for this job, for this kind of work.
I feel completely and utterly useless, not to mention helpless!

So please, pleaaaase! Give me a new job!

Thank you.



Saaketh said...

and if the new job doesnt let you travel soo much ?? then how ? how ?? how ??? Your readers will be disappointed without your travel stories na ..

Sonia said...

Saaketh, I'm traveling enough for myself! I don't WANT to travel for work! I'm siiiiiick of traveling for this job! Why not get a job where traveling for work means testing how well they treat us at resorts and stuff? :P Now THAT travel, I will like! ;)

APOO said...

Move to USA and cook 2 healthy meals a day for Apoorva, for 2 months. At the end of it, you will get the job of your dreams

- God
(conveyed via one of my earthly messengers)

Sonia said...

Apoo: send me the tickets and arrange the visa, and i'm there! :P

APOO said...

Hey, dont ask me. I am just passing on the message!