Sunday, September 26, 2010

The week that was

Back in Dxb.
Bahrain was boring, mind-numbingly boring.
And tiring.

Got back home around 11:30pm on Thursday.
In the flight the guy sitting next to me was on a business trip as well. He started talking to me and I reciprocated. He was quite boring, working as a banker for some russian bank and all.
But I didn't have anything to read and had an hour to kill, so I thought, what's the harm in chatting!
In the end, he asked me for my number, and I didn't know how to refuse, though I didn't want to keep in touch with him.
What are you supposed to say to a guy you've been chatting with for an hour when he says (not asks) "hey, give me your number and I'll give you a call sometime."
How can you avoid that and not be rude?

I gave him my card, and will just have to make excuses to not meet I suppose. Hope he just doesn't call!


On Friday, I went to the Yas Marina Circuit. We were being trained as marshals for the F1 Grand Prix. It was quite boring, cos they repeated most of the stuff they'd said in the first session (this was the second). But I got to stand on the track, which was quite cool! Took pics and all. :D
Waiting for Ferrari World to open. That is gonna be one awwwesome theme park!


On the job front, I got offered one, but it's in Mumbai.
And I don't think I want to live there. If I have to move, I'd prefer to move to somewhere in Europe, I don't want to live in India.

God, are you messing with me?
Is this your idea of a joke?
Cos it's not funny!

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