Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling for work.

I'm in Bahrain now.
Arrived last night.
The plane was delayed for over an hour after we boarded, so I had to sit in the plane all that time doing nothing(flying economy of course, company won't pay for business class).
The flight wasn't playing a movie cos it was just a 55min flight, if that. There was a creepy looking steward, middle-aged arab dude, who looked like he'd been pouring people drinks and pushing trolleys for way longer than he intended to. I'd have felt sorry for him if he hadn't looked so darn mean!

And I dreamt about him at night! I dreamed that I was in my hotel room sleeping, and was woken up with a breakfast tray on my bed by the flight attendent! In the dream, I was freaked out, cos I'd locked the room, and was panicking cos the guy got into the room (even if it was just to serve breakfast).

Obviously, I hatttte traveling for work, hate staying in cold hotel rooms and am pretty worried about my security at these places after what happened to me in Oman.
In Oman, I was woken up at 6:30am by someone who said I'd been offered a complimentary massage by the hotel by a "male masseuse" and that the massage would be in my room.

And this was in a world-class 5 star hotel with branches all over the world!
The hotel had that guy kicked out, the duty manager came and personally talked to me, telling me that the guy thought I was a flight attendant (don't know what that has to do with it) and thought he could get lucky.

They apologized to me profusely and offered me a whole lot of things to placate me, but the damage was done of course.
How did he get my room number? Had he followed me? What if I do get followed on the way to my room? How long will it be before anyone notices that I'm missing?

I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of hotel rooms and boring conferences and the whole drill.

I want out!
GODDDDDDD, are you listening??!


APOO said...

God says go down two posts and read comments!
(once again, I am just like the pigeon. I only carry the message)

Anonymous said...

"They apologized to me profusely and offered me a whole lot of things to placate me..."

- Placated or not, I hope you took the things


Sonia said...

Apoo: One of these days I'm gonna have to kill the messenger. :P

K:No I didn't actually! *sigh*