Monday, March 29, 2010

Lonely Planet

Due to my chronic neck problem being worse than ever, I have to wear a collar and take meds that leave me in a daze all the time. After missing out on the crucial last one hour of my friend's delivery, I was half toying with the idea of not taking the meds in the day. I thought I'd just take them at night and be only half as dazed! But if I don't take them, my neck starts hurting again. So yes, daze-dom it is! *sigh*

I've arranged it with my boss to work from home this week.This basically means I don't see a human being at all throughout the day, and all my interactions are through the phone or email.
It's brought "living alone" to a whole new level altogether.

It sucks, of course!
I've never been more aware of how alone I really am. If something were to happen to me, it'd easily be several days before someone would take notice and probably many more till someone actually reached out to find out if things were ok.

It's a humbling thought. It makes me question my entire life. What have I done wrong?
Why am I not needed by anyone?

Ok, I can feel the meds starting to take effect again. If I don't update in another day or two... who cares anyway eh!


Anonymous said...

hey delurking to drop a comment-sweetie loneliness is tough but about noone needing u -i was digging into ur archives sometime yesterday and u have a best friend N who needs u, u volunteer at some NGO and u care about someone enough to throw her a baby shower...!!!

Apologize if the comment was not warranted...but u sounded so sad i had to say something

Sonia said...

NN: thanks for delurking. I guess i was just feeling sorry for myself, what with the injury and all the aloneness.
I'm better now. :o)

Anonymous said...

great...take care

Sid said...

I thought you stayed with parents. And that your Mom nags you! (got this from some of your earlier posts)

But seriously get a room-mate or something, they can turn out to be such a Pain in the Neck but I say totally worth it. For entertainment sakes you a TV :)

Sonia said...

Sid: that was back in 2008! I've been on my own since! And i prefer living on my own than living with my parents anyday. As for getting a roommate, I don't know any single women in dxb! I think I might be the last one! :P

Anonymous said...

Try to become neutral observer of yourself. come back from the differnt life path.

Sonia said...

anon: what do u mean diff life path? you know... i gotta say, anonymous commenters are very irritating!

Anonymous said...

appology for being annonymous