Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Find something!

I need to update cos I don't want to have to stare at the previous post every time I'm on this page.
Ok... I'm going to talk about 5 good things that I have going on in my life now. Count my blessings so to speak.

#1 I have a great group of friends to hang out with in dxb. I enjoy spending time with them, we take vacations to exotic places together, we also enjoy spending time with each other doing nothing. Which is great! And I have a few awwwesome friends elsewhere, even though they're far away, they care for me, and that matters.

#2 I got a free laptop bag which has wheels so I don't have to carry my laptop-bag around and stress out my very screwed up shoulders anymore.

#3 My boss agreed (very nicely) to let me work from home for this week cos of my effed up neck and shoulder problem.

#3 I have to take these meds which make me feel like I'm drunk, and that's a pretty good feeling to have! Plus, no hangover! :P

#4 My college friend from the UK is shifting to Abu Dhabi (even if she's not in dxb, at least she'll be in the same country!)

#5 I'm going on vacation in April! To my favvvvvvourite city in India... Dillllllli! I'm going with a friend from work, and she's gonna take me to Lucknow too! So come April 15th and it's adios dxb and hola dillli! :o)



Sid said...

Have fun in Dilli. It's going to be HOT as hell I guess but still definitely worth it.
I personally love Mumbai a lot more than Dilli but have lots of friends there whom I keep bugging about the uncouth city they live in :)

Sonia said...

I like bombay too, but I lived in Delhi for 2 years and I have some awesome memories of that place! i know the people are uncouth and can't be trusted. but i have some great friends who live there and everytime i go there, i have an awesome time! plus, shopping in delhi is wayyyyyy better than bombay! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yippeee..! i love that u find point2 a blessing and i want one too :(..

Sonia said...

NN: oh totally! my neck wouldn't have gotten to this condition if I'd just used the new bag when I was on my business trip! I thought I'll save it cos the bag I was already using was also new (and also free! :P)

amritha said...

A friend is someone to cry with during the bad time. Everyone knows how great to have a friend during our time of need to cry on his/her shoulders. In reality people do not like it if we cry for very long.we can cry until we are done crying. If we cry for too long our friend will snap out of it. They help us pull ourself back and going on about their lives Those friends who are always positive are not real friends.

Being good friend is not jst about having a good/bad time each other. Good friends dont just go with the flow.They have to be honest. Most of our friends disappear when we need them.