Friday, March 05, 2010

nocturnal and hormonal!

It's that time of month for me and though I'm extremely tired, I can't seem to get to sleep.
So I spent my Thursday night, not going out, and also, not sleeping.

I watched movies all night long and it is now past 5 in the morning.
I never learn do I?
I mean.... I'm hormonal enough as it is... and then I watch stuff like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and end my movie marathon with The Notebook, of all movies!
I bawled like a baby throughout the movie (even when it wasn't sad)!

I knew I should've stuck to HIMYM!


Saaketh said...

you should have tried chocolate instead :)

Anonymous said...

silly woman, self learning!! U need a teacher.

Saltwater Blues said...

haha HIMYM is so damn addictive isn't it? hey do you have Season 5?

Sonia said...

saaketh: i had maggi instead, which was good too! :D

anon: uh huh... you know someone who's fit for the job?

SwB: oh, u bet! it's AWE...wait for it...SOME! AWEsome! ;o)

And yeah, i got up to episode 15 with me.

Anonymous said...


Sonia said...

oh, God's there of course, but he's not very vocal abt stuff sometimes. So it's kinda hard to figure things out. He's got a funny sense of humour, that dude! :P

Anonymous said...

Time is God.There is none who is not subject to time. GOD does not submit to worldly offerings,authority or power. HE responds to spiritual aspirations.

Sonia said...

anon: erm... good luck to you on "spiritual aspirations"!