Friday, March 12, 2010

Something to believe in!

You know that wedding I went to in Jan? The hindu-muslim one? The reason I flew to Bombay for the weekend?
I'm going to tell you about that now.

We went through a lot of stress before the wedding, with the relatives from the girl's side of the family creating a fuss about stuff and my poor darling N (the bride) being stressed beyond endurance! Things were crazed from the moment her relatives landed (flights had been delayed for houuuurs due to a bomb-threat, which was the least of our problems!), but things got really tense on the day itself.
There was a moment in between, right before she had to face the 400 people invited for the wedding, where her uncle stormed into the dressing room and yelled at her and she had a mini-meltdown. She started crying and her makeup was running, she was already late... it took some strong tough-love to keep her from completely breaking down!

I am so pissed off with him!
So okay, your sister's daugther is getting married to a hindu. If you had a problem with that you should never have come for the wedding in the first place, like the rest of the people who stayed away! If you came, you should have had the grace to accept what's happening and not ruin her special day for her!
Some people just burn me up!

But the ceremony itself... there was something so magical about it! I can't explain it, I've been to several weddings and nothing ever made me feel this way... but when two people... who are right for each other ... when they get married.... marriage actually means something then! There was something so sacred, so overwhelming... I was just reduced to tears! Both us bridesmaids sat in the corner just beaming (and crying) with happiness!

I want to tell N this:

N, I love you babe! You've had a rough life, and I'm not saying that things are gonna be easy now, cos that's just the way life is... but I'd like to believe you'll be happy now!
I'm just glad that you've found a guy who appreciates you for what you are. I'm glad that you've gotten a guy who's kind and courteous and sweet and funny and handsome, and gets you, one who realizes how lucky he is to be with you. One who doesn't care where you're from and what your religion is... one who's been through hell to get married to you, and feels that it's all worth it!
You two give the rest of us a reason to believe in love!

I know it all sounds like a silly chick-flick movie, but if you knew the story of her life, you'd not believe that one person could have gone through so much and have grown up to be the sorted person that she is!
I wish them both love, happiness and ... spice!
Well...cos ... you gotta have spice! :o)

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Saaketh Preetham said...

Very recently two of my friends got married, hindu bride -christain groom...ahhhhh she did go through hell :) and they still are happily married, 3months n going.