Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fairies and wishes work their magic!

We threw a baby shower for my friend yesterday, 33 weeks into her pregnancy. The theme of the party was "fairy godmother". So we all represented different fairies (I was fairy of Travel! :D) and we all bestowed wishes with our fake fairy wands that we made out of bbq sticks and foil! We gave the yet-to-be-born baby gifts (of a unisex nature cos we didn't know the gender yet). It was all so much funnn!
And then... an hour after, as she was driving back home... her water broke, more than a month before it's supposed to happen! Because the girls were throwing the shower and the guys were not allowed, they'd had all gone to brunch (how girly is that?! :P) and the husband was totally tipsy when the mommy-to-be called and said "could you come home?" and he was like ... " I'll be there in half an hour". She said "err... could you come NOW?!" He sobered up immediately.
All of us trooped into the emergency ward of the hospital. Since the water broke and she was dilating fast, the baby had to come, and it was going to be premature. The hospital we were at didn't have enough space so we had to move to another hospital... we got there and the men waited outside while the women went in turn by turn (they wouldn't let us go in together for some odd reason) while the mom-to-be waited anxiously. The doctor had assured us there was nothing to worry about, and all of us friends were around... trying to keep up spirits and think up baby names and whatnot.
I am on medication cos of my stooopid effed up neck, so I had to get back home and once I had taken the medicine, I was out for several hours! I woke to missed calls and messages saying " it's a girl!" :o)

It's a girl! And she's here! The mom is fine, and so is the baby. I'm soooo excited I can't sleep (anymore!). I want to go to the hospital right away, but it's blooody 4 in the morning!

It feels like I'm living out a life in some funny sitcom or something!
A baby girl just jumped into our lives... I bet she's gonna be a spitfire! She'll get things done her way alright! She won't be the kind to wait for things! :o)

Welcome to the world little one! Its not that awesome a place, but we all love you, and love makes all the difference in the world!


the mad momma said...

aww.. congratulations to your friend. what a fun birth story for the little one to grow up hearing...

Saaketh said...

and what name was finalized ?

Sonia said...

mad momma: oh totally! We are one happy group, although we still smell of placenta and amniotic fuild!

Saaketh: Name's not been finalized yet! Any ideas?

Gymnast said...

Wow..almost movie-like. Congrats to your friend and the little one grows up always with a little bit of the magic of her fairy godmothers in her!

Anonymous said...

a baby is the most precious and beautiful gift of God. Its an xciting xperience welcomed by the whole family. Congrats to the proud parents.