Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Freakin out

Sometimes you won't know why you're upset.
You just know you are.

It's like your subconscious state of mind understands what is wrong and you react emotionally to it, but you're not really aware what it is that upsets you so much till much later.

It's like that for me now.
I'm confused and upset and close to freaking out.

I need to clear my head. and the only one I know who can make sense and calm me down is my N, my best friend.

So I've decided.
I'm going to India, for a verrrry short break. But a break, nonetheless.

And till then, I'll just keep praying.


peaceguy said...

"lifez simple, you make choices and you don look back" (the tokyo drift)

Keshi said...

Good luck Sonia!


hj said...

Its always good to take a break and spend sometime with someone u with whom u can just BE.

have a good time, and when you come back - keep up the spirits.

AB said...

And here I was thinking of coming to Dubai...Probably. Where you coming to stay with N?

KJ said...

hope u doing good. r u still in india?



zombie said...

So it's N and not R!!! U ass...this is what i get for my frenship- u can't even tell me wen u are not comin to Bombau man!

Sonia said...

peaceguy: not so simple to make those choices.

keshi: i'm going on vacation! don't need good luck for that! but thank you! :)

HJ: thank you.

AB: oh DO COME! :) I'm going only by August end. and i'll only be there for a week. and N isn't in Delhi.

KJ: arey nahi re, I'm still here, i won't get leave till august end.

Zombie: She invited me! and i don't have leave to come to delhi yar. if i did, i would have. i'm only gonna be in india for a week

SID said...

The homeland calls. Welcome Home

indianpeppone said...

I went to India some time back for a week..... its more exhausting than anything ever... Am sure that u will have great fun, or at least stop freaking out :)

Lost in trance... said...

njoi ur break. some time away from home could do good at times.