Sunday, July 30, 2006

If it's not one thing, it's another

This great trip of mine is riddled with issues.
The main one being that I haven't yet told my folks about it!

If they knew I was spending this much money in a week to "take a break", especially to a place where hundreds of people only recently died of bomb attacks by terrorists, they would probably lock me up and throw away the key!

I've been advised to tell that I'm going on a business trip. Which is pretty believable since I actually deal with the Indian subcontinent as far as work is concerned.

But I suck at lying to mum.
She gives me 'the Look' that all Mums seem to be so good at, the one that makes you feel like every single thought in your head is written in Bold Arial size 72 on your face! :o(
I just give up and end up telling her the truth usually.

But then I imagine telling them the truth and I can see my mum's face break into tears and my dad going all stony faced and angry... followed by them yelling that I will do "no such thing".
On how I am a Keralite and a girl and why can't I be more like other girls and get married to the nice researcher in Germany ( who is boring as hell, trust me!)

That's just the parents.

Bombay itself, is proving to be tricky.

Ah well, one problem at a time I guess.


peaceguy said...

u r right. folks can be over-possesive at times (read all the time). but a break for u is imminent. by hook or by crook, u gotta go.

zombie said...

babes..dont give in to this me it would be a lot easier without telling them..else forget about your trip!

APOO said...

Mom, I could have always lied and told you I am going for a business trip. But I wont, coz I cant lie to you and you should know how much I need this break, else I wouldnt be going and spending this amount of money for a week.

Usually that works.

If not, do the, "When I am back, I'll marry the German researcher"

BTW, that German researcher has a sister?

Sonia said...

peaceguy: i got my tickets already, but there are so many problems!

Zombie: i dunno.... lemme see.

Apoo: i don't wanna say i'll marry him, cos even when i say i won't, my folks are acting like i will! and his sisters are both married! you're too late! :)