Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little pregnant?

I'm serrriously worried about my body!
I've got a tummy that makes me look like I'm 4 months pregnant!
It's got me thinking that I might actually be pregnant... I'm half contemplating buying a home pregnancy test kit, even though I've not even been dating anyone since... it's been over a year now. Wow. Time flies even if you're not having fun!

I'm telling you... if I am pregnant... I'm suing God! I'm not gonna take it lying down like the good Madonna! No can do! We got lawyers in this day and age! :P

Although... I did have an insaaane amount of ice cream today after dinner.
And now I feel like I can barely breathe! I'm that stuffed! (probably explains my 4-months-gone belly).

On a more serious note... I can't sleep.
I don't know why though. I went to bed at 4 am today and woke up at 7:30am... forced myself to sleep again and finally got out of bed at 10. Haven't slept since and I still can't sleep!

I did yoga... I did the laundry... I had green tea and honey.
Still... nothing!

Gonna try counting sheep now.

PS: God, u know I was only kidding na!


Anonymous said...

Nice has brighten my day and put smile on my lips on such a gloomy, cloudy and raininng day !!

- The Virgin Author! said...

What is going to be the name of the kid, anyway? :P And by the way, who is the God damned father of this stupid kid of yours? I am sure a finger can't be of much use in the process of reproduction. :|

Anyway, what you need to do on a serious note is to get your ass off the couch. And start working on it! Quick. Before you complete your 9 month pregnancy cycle! ;)

PS: Chunnu? Munnu? Pappu? Tinki? Rinki? Pinki?

Saaketh said...

virgin birth is a miracle and a sign of presence of god. your kid would be the next jesus on earth :D

PS: virgin birth only refers to being pregnant without the involvement of a guy, 'virginity' as such doesnt matter :P its just a false hype created by religion.
There were virgin births in Hindu mythology too, if u want more details ping me :D i dont want to stir a controversy on that topic here

Sonia said...

binzy: thank you! :) We have an excess of sunshine in the uae, wish we had some rain here!

VA: Well, since I'm not preggers, I don't need to worry abt names. And I'm generally quite active. So no worries. the ice cream will melt off me soon.

Saaketh: really? interesting! Although i find it hard to believe in virgin births at all really!

Saaketh said...

im not religious myself, but such things always stirup curiosity so got to know :D

Sonia said...

Haha - I have a tummy, I cant sleep too and get up at weird hours in the morning and I am pregnant !! (4 months complete, going into fifth). Namesake, yeh kya ho raha hain? :))) Maybe Sonia sympathy symptoms ;)

Sonia said...

Sonia: Don't tell me I'll have to go through labour-pains as well! :P

But you should know, Sonia isn't my real name. :o)
Congrats on the pregnancy!

Sonia said...

And its not my real name too haha..So fake Sonia sympathy symptoms :) Are you Sraikh's sister?? She had mentioned in her email, kya coincidence if you are!

Sonia said...

Sonia: :D Maybe I should start lamaze classes now? :P

And no, I'm not sraikh's sister. don't know what that is!

pRasad said...

Hilarious !!

Following this blog :)

And yeah..Do the test even though you are not dating..Too deep sleep can be harmful see..! Just kidding :)