Friday, May 07, 2010

Jumper (cos I'm jumping from topic to topic :P)

I don't know why, but everything is making me cry these days.
I'm extremely touchy about things, and I feel like I'm all alone.
It is of course, another thing altogether that I am all alone!

Today I went for lunch with some friends where one guy was introducing us to his fiancee.
It was all fine, fun even! But we had to get a table for 7. SEVEN cos I'm always the odd one out.
Usually I don't notice it so much, except this time, his fiancee kept asking the other couples stories of how they met each other.

Why is everyone else in love?

On other news, I'm off to Oman (again!) on Monday and will be back on Wednesday. The week after I'm apparently in Bahrain. I feel like I'm living the life of George Clooney's character in Up in the Air. All this traveling has earned me a silver card at skywards and a killer neck pain! :P

Is that the price of success?
How would I define success? Would I call myself successful?

Well, I guess I could say I'm independent.
I don't ask anyone for money. I have my own car. I pay rent for the little hovel I live in.
I travel to some lovely places (not the work bit, but otherwise).

On the flip side, I barely make ends meet. I'm exploited. I'm doing a job I don't want to. I despise my boss. I could stand to lose about 5kgs. I want to move to another house.
And the last man I dated was a severe disappointment.

Everything's a mess. I feel like if I were fired tomorrow, I'd actually be relieved. But even though I feel this way... I don't want to quit. That is of course, one of the bad things about being an expatriate. You can't stay here and wait tables while looking for another job or writing a book or whatever. There's immigration and all that crap.

Tomorrow I go for the Adobe party at the Ritz for free food and booze that I will not drink.
I'm not sure why I'm going really. I don't really like partying that all much.
I'm more of a sit-around-a-table-with-your-friends-and-drink-margaritas kinda person.

I wonder... if my friends wanted to set me up with someone... and they were to tell a guy about me... what would they say??



Saaketh said...


Sonia said...

Saaketh: Come on! You can't just smile and go away! elucidate!

Utopia said...

Tis like a page out of my diary. I wanna say all of that but my friends would judge me thinking as usal I am going through the "nobody lausss me" phase or "I don't like my job" phase. I am tired of cribbing about the same things. I really am. Uffffff!

Sonia said...

Utopia: that's why we blog babe! :o)

Perakath said...

We should totally go out.

Sonia said...

Perakath: lol! why?

Sid said...

Everyone whines about their job, but not being able to quit totally sucks. This is one of the main reasons why I chose not to work in the Gulf yet even though I grew up there. But the money is oh so good :)

Just give it sometime, and before you know it, the best things in life are coming screaming at you.

roop said...

lol you know reading through your posts i was thinking the same that your life sounds like Clooney's. watched the movie just last night and LOVED it.