Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not sure if i'm coming or going anymore!

10:15 am

I've booked for a taxi to come pick me up at 11:30 am. I have a flight to catch at 1pm.
I'm going to Bahrain.
I have not yet packed. Hell, I've not even woken up properly yet!

Definitiely shows my enthusiasm for these things eh?
Oh well, at least I'm back tomorr... franctically checks flight info ... yeah.. I'm back tomorrow!


AB said...

Well well you are truly of the jet-setting clan now!:D

Saaketh said...

Why don't you start having a "travel luggage" set separately for quick access. That way you wont have to pack before every travel.

Sid said...

You must be clocking the fastest frequent flier miles if you keep going on this way.

Dunno about you but flying anywhere always gets me excited, no matter how many times I must have done that. But then again, I am not frequent flier :)

Sonia said...

AB: i used to think it's al glamorous. but now i realize it's just tiring.

Saaketh: i have a lot of work-related stuff that i need to pack as well.

Sid: i know people who've traveled so much that they ended up with a platinum card with emirates within 6 months. i don't travel as much as that. thank god!