Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!

I was running late today and couldn't figure out what to wear so I threw on a pair of jeans and a black kurta and rushed out of the house. Our office does have a policy of formals on weekdays but it's not very strictly enforced and we have people (usually back-office and marketing people) wear jeans on weekdays as well.
I usually wear only formals to work except on casual Thursdays.
And even then, I usually wear heels. Today, I wore flats.

I walk into the reception and who do I see there? Toni!
Toni the German works for our vendor who gives us the most business. I am one of the people who manage the product that his company sells.
Toni is very very German! He's always two mins early for an appointment, he's very particular about everything he does and wants everything to be very correct! He's wearing a suit and when he stands to shake hands with me, he's towering over me in his 6ft2inches against my short frame (5ft3.25inches and yes! The point 25 does count!)

As we're talking, my boss walks over. And then, his boss comes in the door, bringing with him 3 other people who work with our vendor. They're all in suits and all over 6ft tall! Even the woman! They bend down to shake hands with me! (white people are tall!)

This is not going to help me with the tough and aggressive business-woman image I'm trying to portray! Hell! I look like the daughter someone brought in to work for bring-your-child-to-work day!


Of all days, why'd I have to wear casuals to work todayyy?!


Arvind said...

It happens ...

I know first impression is the last impression .. but your attitude towards your customer carry more importance.

If you displayed professional attitude in front of them , then you have won their confidence( if not 100% then at least 95% for sure )

And learn from this experience of your life. Make sure that you ready your clothes, shoes , office going to bed..

Just make it a habit.

Smile :) In fact , God has nothing to do with it :P

Sonia said...

Arvind: This isn't a "first impression". I've worked with Toni for the past 3 years. But I looked like a kid in front of them. And the reason I brought God into it is cos I usually wear only formals. He's never seen me in anything but them! And of all days, I picked today to wear casuals!

Arvind said...

Okies :)

.... said...

Hey Sonia... this post is is like god's way of telling me that I should forget what happened yesterday evening. So my friend invited me to his place and we were to go for dinner after that. I wore a short black dress with a blouse and guess what he was wearing... shorts and dirty T-Shirt... I felt I had died of embarrassment for over-dressing... but I never thought that he would be dressed like that.

And I am the person who always under dressed.. SIGH..

God said...

This is god telling you that he wanted to show you how imp n successful you are/going to be. You work with ppl yous fathers age, though its sad for ur prospects of finding the rt guy, you still should be proud abt it

Saaketh said...

the earlier comment was by me, saaketh btw :P incase u were wondering

pRasad said...


Enjoyed reading this post. :))

roop said...

lol i could see you in this post slowly burying yourself into the ground. ;D im sure toni didnt even notice. uh huh. :p

roop said...

and yes, .25 does matter! :)