Thursday, May 20, 2010

milke bhi... hum na mile.. :P

I'm back! again! God knows how long before I see the airport again!

And guess what! Atif Aslam was on the flight with me on the way to Bahrain! :D
I realized this only after we landed and we we were getting off the flight. He was carrying his guitar with him... which was what made me look at him, cos everyone else had laptops (what else would take someone to Bahrain on a weekday at 1pm other than work?!).

Turns out... he was on work too. He has a concert there tonight (that's what it says on the net).
And no, I didn't talk to him. Even though we were standing right next to each other waiting at passport control.
I'd rather be a stranger than some goofy girl gushing all over him.
It's not like he's Hugh Jackman or anything na!

This dude is pretty good-looking though! Better than what he looks like on-screen! He had his shades on... (typical star behavior eh?) and he seemed quite thinner than what he looks like on-screen.. but good-looking alright!
And I love this song he sang!

And oooh! This one too!

listening to it now....


Maybe I should have talked to him after all!


Sid said...

Lucky you (I guess!) and you didn't even talk to him :)

I ran into Anu Malik (yuck :P) once at Dubai airport and there were some teeny girls all over him and the guy was spouting attitude. Got disenchanted with all celebrities since then.

Saaketh said...

Hugh Jackman eh? :P But ya, you could have asked if he was there for any show or just on vacation. Wouldn't have hurt, and who knows, you could have got his personal email id (who wants phone number anyway rt :P)

and I'm again the 1st one to comment !!

Sonia said...

Sid: well.. anu malik shouldn't be your yard stick to measure celebrity behavior. the guy's an ass!
but yeah... i know what u mean.

Saaketh: oh totally! i luuhhhhve hugh jackman! :D and it's not like i'm AA's biggest fan or anything... i like his songs though! and i WAS quite thrilled! :D

- The Virgin Author! said...

Well, honestly, I feel you behaved appropriately. ;) It's not that you're mad for him, or stuff. And also, I second you on your thoughts about Hugh Jackman! :P

PS: Yes, he does sing well. But, he's an asshole, anyway!